Gummy and Kids Sweets

Gummy and Kids SweetsIf your customers are a little younger, Hancocks Cash and Carry offers a vast range of gummy and children's sweets in bulk – we are the leading supplier of wholesale confectionery in the UK for a reason! Stocking many of the best kid’s pick and mix sweets, our customers include sweet shops, confectionery businesses and all manner of retail stores across the UK.  Popular gummy and kid's sweets include:  Fizzy Cola Bottles Candy Necklaces Gobstoppers Porky Pigs Jazzies and Snowies ABC Letters  A range of gummy sweets can include many old fashioned and retro favourites alongside new sweets such as Sports Rings, Tutti-Fruitti and Brit Bears. Making use of our pick and mix stand, as a Hancocks customer you can offer a great selection of pick n mix sweets to your customers, whether you are a small sweet shop, a market stall or a larger retailer. Alternatively you might prefer to purchase your sweets in bulk and sell them from sweet jars for an eye-catching display or bag up small amounts into sweet bags ready to purchase from the shelf.  Some of our gummy sweets are perfect for occasions such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Consider Dracula Teeth, Giant Rats and Red Eye Skulls for the former, Love Hearts and Heart Throbs for the latter. It is important to change your pick and mix sweets range to reflect the seasons.  As a customer of Hancocks you can order your bulk confectionery online at or visit one of our 18 confectionery cash and carry stores across the UK. If you order online, Hancocks will speedily deliver your bulk sweets to your business within 48 hours. We understand the importance to getting your confectionery supplies to you as quickly as possible.  Selling pick n mix sweets, including gummy and kid’s sweets, can be very profitable for your business. As a specialist in UK wholesale sweets, our confectionery offers you plenty of choice and the opportunity to customise a range for your confectionery business. 

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