Hard Candy Sweets

Hard Candy SweetsHard candy sweets make up a playful selection of sweets, loved by children of all ages. Mixing retro with modern, Hancocks has a fun range of wholesale hard candy sweets for sweet shops and other confectionery businesses looking for competitively priced sweet supplies. 

Whilst we will all remember Candy Watches and Candy Necklaces, more recent additions such as Candy Bricks are developing quite a following too. Bulk hard candy sweets from Hancocks include: 

  • Candy Sticks
  • Candy Bricks
  • Candy Watches and Necklaces
  • Love Hearts Mini Rolls
  • Double Lollies
  • Parma Violets 

Sweet and crunchy, selling a range of bulk hard candy sweets will be very popular with children and an essential category if your store is within reach of a school. Hard candy sweets will also be purchased for parties and party bags, even novel wedding favours too – all due to the much loved play value of hard candy sweets. 

Hancocks is a specialist UK wholesale confectionery cash and carry and an excellent destination for confectionery businesses to purchase their confectionery supplies. With more than 5,000 branded and own label confectionery products under one roof, if you are within reach of one of our cash and carries, taking a trip to see us could really help your business. Our online wholesale sweet shop is an excellent alternative for sweet shops and other businesses that are located too far away from our cash and carries, enabling them to order their essential sweet supplies online at Hancocks.co.uk and have them delivered direct to their business in 48 hours. 

A pick and mix stand can be the perfect way to display a range of pick n mix sweets (which should certainly include hard candy sweets if you sell to children) and Hancocks has one available to buy online, complete with a full compliment of free sweets. Using a pick and mix stand is a great way to organise your sweet stock whilst adding impact to the display, resulting in stronger sales. 

However you decide to purchase your wholesale confectionery supplies, Hancocks, a specialist confectionery wholesaler since 1962, can offer you a friendly service, a great range and plenty of knowledge and advice to help you build your confectionery business.


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