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Hancocks’ Christmas Guide To Confectionery

Christmas sweets wholesale
20th October, 2016 Comments

If you’re a confectionery retailer or a sweets store owner, you’re probably in the process of sourcing seasonal sweets for Christmas, as the winter holidays are approaching fast, unless of course you’ve already bought everything you need! At Hancocks, we’ve decided to create a Christmas Guide to help all the busy confectionery retailers prepare for […]

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How To Get Your Confectionery Store Ready for Christmas

christmas sweets wholesale
14th October, 2016 Comments

Savvy retailers preparing their confectionery stores and businesses for the most lucrative period of the year, Christmas, are now stocking up on all the Christmas sweets they need. At Hancocks we’ve prepared one of our BIGGEST EVER Christmas range for 2016, with over 190 festive confectionery lines that retailers can choose from, available at excellent […]

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Get Ready for Sourest Day (25th October 2016) with Hancocks Sours Challenge Infographic!

sour sweets wholesale
12th October, 2016 Comments

In anticipation for Sourest Day which takes place on Tuesday, 25th October, we’ve created a brand new infographic with the Hancocks Sours Challenge that rates our 10 most sour sweets, from mild to super intense sourness. Sour sweets continue to remain a very popular confectionery trend with a wide range of consumers enjoying this novelty […]

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Hancocks’ American Sweets!

American wholesale sweets
21st September, 2016 Comments

A key event in the United States, Thanksgiving will be celebrated this year on the 24th of November. In recent years, Americans who are now living in the UK or local people who are interested in American traditions have also started celebrating Thanksgiving here.   If you’re a savvy retailer looking to make the most […]

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Prepare Your Sweets Shop for the Festive Season with Wholesale Sweets from Hancocks!

wholesale sweets
15th September, 2016 Comments

With Halloween and Christmas, two of the biggest selling yearly events for the confectionery industry, approaching fast it’s time to get your sweets shop ready for the festive season. At Hancocks, confectionery specialists with over 50 years of experience, you’ll discover all the wholesale sweets you need for this busy period, but also for the […]

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