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Celebrate Pancake Day with Hancocks!

9th February, 2016 Comments

Today, 9th February 2016, marks this year’s Pancake Day, an event celebrated by thousands of people in the UK. Also known as Shrove Tuesday this is a centuries-old holiday believed to have originated as a pagan holiday celebrating the beginning of spring, before becoming a religious tradition taking place before the Lent period that precedes […]

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The KitKat Break Off Promotion

6th February, 2016 Comments

  The KitKat Break Off campaign is here. Discover their new limited edition products!   KitKat have just started off their KitKat the Break Off campaign that features all the different ways you can enjoy their deliciously crispy treats. Which one do you think is the best: are you a Nibbler, a Stirrer, a Chomper […]

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New product alert from Skittles: introducing the new Skittles Tropical!

New Skittles Tropical
21st January, 2016 Comments

  Skittles are growing their rainbow in 2016, with their latest product, Skittles Tropical, being launched at the end of this month. The Tropical version will replace Skittles Confused and it will be available in 55g, PMP making it an exciting new addition for any confectionery retailer’s stock.   Supported by a huge media campaign […]

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Be prepared for Valentine’s Day with Hancocks and ‘Let Love Grow’!

let love grow hearts net
13th January, 2016 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a ‘sweet’ holiday not only for the people who are celebrating it, but also for confectionery retailers who can take advantage of this extremely lucrative event to achieve even sweeter margins.   As the holiday is getting closer, Hancocks has prepared an entire range of Valentine’s Day-themed sweets that will help busy […]

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Discover Hancocks’ Easter range for 2016!

7th January, 2016 Comments

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for busy retailers to start preparing for the second most lucrative event in the confectionery industry: Easter. With Easter taking place on the 27th March this year, many retailers are already planning their special stock for the holiday.   Hancocks, the leading UK confectionery specialist, have already launched […]

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