Boost your sales with £1 token gifts

Posted on 16th October, 2013

As the season to be jolly looms large on the horizon, we can offer retailers an excellent sales opportunity with £1 token gifts, available to bulk buy from all 20 Hancocks depots nationwide and online. We’ve been wholesaling confectionery since 1962 and our wholesale £1 range continues the tradition of offering fantastic value to our ever expanding base of retailers; all manner of businesses shop at Hancocks.

Whether an impulse buy or a last minute gift to take to the party or give to a neighbour, our range of token gifts suitable to retail at £1 features both well-known brands as well as our ever popular own label products – all these can be retailed at an attractive £1 price point offering very healthy margins.

Our £1 token gift range is constantly evolving and we will of course will keep you posted via email and in the depots. Top choices at the moment include: a big range of sweet tubes (19 varieties); Kingsway Liqueur Chocolates (six varieties); Boxed Cremes 150g (four varieties) and 150g soft nougat bags (seven varieties).

“Retailers have been profiting from our range of £1 token gifts for the last few years over the Christmas period. Shoppers all have a need for small gifts; be it the neighbour, teacher or colleague. Local shops can truly benefit from this often last minute need by having a creative range to choose from at the right time”, says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks Purchasing Director.

For further information please contact Hancocks on 01509 216 644 or visit

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