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2018 Trends


2017 was a promising year for the confectionery industry, with 9-in-10 UK households now purchasing chocolate, but what can retailers and the industry at large expect to see in 2018 and beyond? The Hancocks team have produced what we hope is a useful and informative infographic for our retailers, summarising the key trends we see ahead for 2018. Read our synopsis below on the greatest hits or discover more in our handy infographic.

Dark chocolate continues its upward trajectory

The global demand for cocoa has never been higher, and dark chocolate is widely considered a luxury good with the biggest brands we know and love launching some superbly tempting dark chocolate varieties and we can expect much more focus on dark chocolate in 2018.

Share Packs in high demand

With consumers more health conscious and aware of their portion sizes than ever before, share packs are in demand. With resealable sharing packs also proving popular, we think Tangerine’s range of Softies bags and Wrigley’s' Skittles are one’s to watch in 2018.

Perennially popular retro products

Retro products that evoke a sense of nostalgia and fond memories from childhood continue to be perennially popular and the tried and tested favourites continue to deliver for retailers.

Limited Editions drive impulse sales

New and novelty flavours at the point of purchase attracts attention and can drive impulse sales for retailers. Taking advantage of limited edition confectionery when available helps keep your shelves full of excitement for your customers.

Specialised confectionery catering to dietary requirements is big news

With food technology advances, it’s becoming possible to make popular confectionery with ingredients suitable for anyone’s diet. Most retailers now are offering sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and halal confectionery alternatives and expect to see much more in 2018.

One of the fastest growing categories in 2017 was soft gums and chews. Stocking up on soft gums sweets and chewy confectionery varieties is a great idea in 2018, along with being sure to cater to the increasingly wide range of seasonal events now on the British calendar.

We look forward to keeping you posted with innovative new products as we launch them online and in-store, keeping you inspired with interesting stats and advice on the latest products and hottest confectionery and chocolate products to help our customers keep their shelves well stocked and ranges fresh and exciting.