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There’s nothing quite like the build up to Christmas. As the big day gets ever closer, that sense of anticipation and excitement builds and builds. It’s always great to see people preparing for Christmas – there really is nothing quite like it.

Advent calendars are a great Christmas tradition, as people countdown the days until they can celebrate Christmas with their family and friends.

With delicious chocolate treats behind each door, the modern advent calendar is a wonderful treat for children and big kids. 

Advent calendars are sure to sell well in your store in the autumn months, as people’s thoughts start to turn to Christmas time and this year’s festive celebrations.

Advent calendars are also a flexible gift option, suitable to give to family or friends before Advent kicks off on December 1st.

It’s also a fine gift option for bosses looking to bring some festive cheer to their workforce, and for a range of other scenarios to boot.

So if you think your store can benefit from advent calendars this year, you need to find the ideal advent calendar supplier, right?

You’re in the right place. Hancocks makes it easy to bulk buy advent calendars from a host of leading brands.

Our range includes wholesale advent calendars from the likes of Kinnerton, Cadbury, Mars and Thorntons

We also stock halal, vegetarian and vegan advent calendar options for your to buy in bulk. 

Get all the wholesale Christmas chocolate options you need for your store at Hancocks. Open an account with us today and make us your wholesale chocolate supplier. 

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