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  1. Barnetts Sugar Free Blackberry & Raspberry Jar 3kg
    1 x 3kg Sell at £0.99 POR 23.27%
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A small, family owned and run sweet-making business located in Nottingham, Barnetts Sweets creates a range of traditional hard boiled sweets and has a reputation for great quality and extremely tasty sweets. Best known today for Mega Sour, Barnetts Sweets also makes a full range of sugar free sweets. Hancocks stocks much of the range for you to buy online or from one of our confectionery cash and carries. There is a lovely history behind Barnetts Sweets and it gives you an insight into the traditional world of British sweets. Still made in Nottingham today, using copper pans and many labour intensive techniques, Barnetts is proud of its sweets and rightly so. But this traditional company has also learnt to move with the times and its range of Mega Sour hard boiled sweets has a tremendouse following and we stock a comprehensive range at Hancocks. Flavours such as Mega Sour Bubblegum, Mega Sour Cola and Mega Sour Blue Raspberry will make your customers' faces twist and turn as they experience sourness like never before. Whilst a niche market, sugar free sweets are an important consideration for many confectionery retailers and Barnetts Sweets has created a good quality range of flavours to sit amongst a sugar free display. Hancocks stocks a very wide range of sweets from so many different manufacturers and suppliers. Large and small brands plus own label confectionery is all for sale at Hancocks, the leading confectionery wholesaler in the UK. So whether you are looking for wholesale Barnetts Sweets or another particular brand or product, Hancocks mighit be able to help you and would certainly like to try.
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