10 Easter Eggs to add to your store this year!

Easter is always a special time of year. Given what’s been going on in the world of late, there’s never been a better time to share some joy with an Easter treat for someone you care for.

At Hancocks, we have been providing retailers with a host of wonderful Easter Eggs to buy in bulk and provide for their customers.

With options from all the leading manufacturers, we can help you to create a really strong Easter egg offering this year.

In our latest blog, we pick out 10 of our favourites which you can add to your store from Hancocks. Read on and see which ones take your fancy!

3 day ago

Mix It Up with Baking Essentials!

With us all being at home for the foreseeable future, and with many of us having to entertain children alongside working from home, baking has once again risen in popularity, with it first coming back into the spotlight as the ideal lockdown hobby following The Great British Bake Off, providing many people an escape from an otherwise stressful day!

Here at Hancocks, we aim to keep bringing in products which we know will fly off your shelves and baking products are proving some of our best-selling products! Here’s a run-down of all our favourite products at the moment, to help you maximise your sales throughout lockdown.

1 month ago

Our Top Sweet Options Beginning With D and E

At Hancocks, we like to provide a truly impressive range of wholesale sweets and chocolate that are sure to wow you in terms of its depth and breadth.

But this means there is a risk of us potentially overwhelming you with the range of the quality products we stock. We at Hancocks don’t want anybody to miss out on the perfect addition to their store, so we try to cover as much of our range of as we can in our blog.

In our latest post, we have decided to focus in on a couple of letters of the alphabet and explore some of the items we sell that begin with the letter D and the letter E.

So take a look at some of the highlights from these two letters and see if there is anything that you are keen to stock up on yourself.

1 month ago

Blooming Spring Delights from Bonds of London

It feels like only yesterday that Easter was coming around in 2020, but Bonds of London have sprung into action for 2021, bringing you a whole new range of seasonal treats!

With shoppers continuing to shop more local since the introduction of the first lockdown in March 2020, it is more important now than ever to provide more gifting solutions which shoppers can pick-up easily in their local store whilst doing their top up shop. With Valentine’s and Easter quickly approaching, these new products provide the perfect sales opportunity.

1 month ago

Why Parma Violets should be part of your Confectionery Collection

When considering some of the most iconic sweets out there, it would be a definite oversight not to include Parma Violets on the list.

These eye-catching and memorable sweets have been adorning the shelves of British stores for more than 70 years, and are many people’s go-to when it comes to choosing their favourite item of confectionery.

2 months ago

Perfect Products to Treat Mums to this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day only a couple of months away, you should start stocking your shelves now in preparation for the flurry of gift buyers that emerge as this important day nears!

Fortunately for you, we at Hancocks offer a wide array of wholesale Mother’s Day sweets and chocolates to meet your needs. Read on to find out about a few of our favourites and get set up for the big day on Sunday 14th March.

2 months ago

Kit Out Your Store for Veganuary

Veganuary is where people adopt a vegan lifestyle during or for the month of January. It grows more and more popular every year, which means you will need to stock up on vegan sweets to satisfy the sweet tooth of your newly (and existing) vegan customers.

Luckily for you, we at Hancocks stock a wide range of vegan-friendly sweets. So, read on to learn more about our favourites.

2 months ago

Top Wholesale Sweets to Stock this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to creep up on us sooner and sooner each year, so it’s better for you to have your stock prepared in advance to meet the inevitable demand!

Fortunately, we at Hancocks offer a wide array of wholesale Valentine’s chocolates and sweets to satisfy your requirements. Read on to find out about a few of our favourites.

2 months ago

Get ahead of the game with Easter sweets for 2021

Given the current climate, making accurate predictions about the future is something of an impossibility.

But by the time Easter 2021 comes, we at Hancocks, like everybody else, hope the world is closer to normal than it generally has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Easter 2021 takes place on Sunday 4 April, giving us all a few months to prepare and get our business plans sorted to capitalise on the retail opportunity this presents.

2 months ago

Find your perfect selection of Christmas Sweets for 2020

Christmas is the season of gift giving, so retailers need to ensure they have plenty of potential gift options available for their customers to pick up.

Chocolate and confectionery rarely go amiss over the Yuletide period, and retailers that provide ample options of this type stand to benefit in Christmas 2020.

Hancocks has a host of traditional gift items for you to browse through and potentially add to your store. Don’t miss out on wholesale gifts from Hancocks for your store this year.

3 months ago

Top 20 £1 PMP Recommendations

Get the most out of your shelf displays with our handy guide to £1 sweet bags. Our shelf display shows you the best way to display the bestselling £1 sugar bag lines.

4 months ago

Bolster your Snacking Range

It can be a difficult thing finding that perfect snack, so as a retailer, it’s important you provide a strong range of options. Thankfully, you can pick up a great range of snacks from Hancocks at excellent wholesale prices.

2 years ago

How good is your Easter knowledge?

Easter is a great time of year to spend time with family and friends, enjoy some time away from work and indulge in a chocolatey treat or ten.

However you choose to spend your Easter weekend, you can get into the spirit of things with Hancocks’ Easter fun facts quiz.

2 years ago

Quiz - How well do you know your old fashioned sweets?

When it comes to picking your favourite sweets and confectionery, sometimes the old classics are the best.

So while at Hancocks we’re always looking to bring in new and exciting confectionery, we fully appreciate the draw and charm of the more traditional sweets options out there.

If you consider yourself a confectionery enthusiast, this latest blog will be right up your street.

2 years ago

Get ready for Christmas 2019 at Hancocks

The Hancocks Christmas Brochure is packed full of superb items of the highest quality – all available to buy at exceptional low prices.

All the items we will have available for you to buy in the run up to Christmas 2019 are listed clearly and carefully. The brochure can act as a handy way of getting you in the right mindset for Christmas, while also providing a great guide as to the breadth and depth of Hancocks’ offering.

2 years ago

Take Advantage of Great Machine & Stand Bundles

At Hancocks, we’re all about delivering the very best value and affordable wholesale sweet options to our customers.

We not only have a wealth of wholesale sweets, chocolates and confectionery for you to pick from, but the Hancocks team is always mindful of the logistics and specifics of selling sweets out in the real world.

2 years ago

Hancocks adds Super Nature range to wholesale offering

At Hancocks, we’re committed to providing new offerings to our loyal customers to help them keep their own range of products fresh and attractive to shoppers.

As such, we’ve got another online exclusive available for our customers to stock up on.

2 years ago

5 novel ways to decorate with Sweets and Confectionery

Now as one of the best wholesale sweets supplier, we generally want to provide sweets for our customers that will fly off the shelves and be munched on and enjoyed. Whether it’s pick'n'mix sweets, fudge or bagged sweets, we want to be the go-to confectionery wholesaler that is known for having a wide variety of sweet options for retailers.

2 years ago

Choosing the right Pick N' Mix Jars

Pick n’ mix sweets are a hallmark of many peoples’ childhood, with the variety and range of flavours, textures and styles available allowing everybody to find their favourite.

As a leading confectionery wholesaler, at Hancocks we take pick n’ mix very seriously. Our aim is to provide our customers with everything they need to get the pick n’ mix offering they’ve always wanted.

2 years ago

Why you should have a Slushy Summer this year

When the hot summer days hit and those temperatures rise, retailers should look to make their customers feel as comfortable as possible.

One way to do this is providing delightful slush drinks at icy cold temperatures. These are popular options for shoppers of all ages, with a host of different flavours out there.

2 years ago

We’ve added three great new brands to our range!

At Hancocks we take pride in having such a diverse and dynamic range of products. As a leading confectionery wholesaler, we feel obliged to continue to meet the wants of our customers, and part of this is always considering what products they really need.

2 years ago

Our top 5 picks for incredible Wedding Confectionery

For any wedding day, it’s vital for people to try to ensure everybody has a day to remember. One way to allow people to enjoy the day and have plenty of smiles on their face is by providing a range of wedding sweets and chocolates for them to enjoy during the big occasion.

2 years ago

Easter 2019 Infographic

Check out our brand new Easter 2019 infographic and discover some amazing facts about confectionery trends and sales during the Easter period. How can you make the most of Easter?

2 years ago

Hancocks is now offering Sweetzone’s Halal Sweets

At Hancocks, we are exceptionally proud of the wide selection of confectionery we are able to provide to our customers. This broad-spanning offering helps retailers across England, Wales, Scotland and further afield provide delicious treats to people of all ages.

2 years ago