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The Advantages of Stocking Sugar-Free Sweets

By Hancocks 16 days ago 50 Views

Sweets without sugar? Yes, it is a thing and it is taking off in a big way!

The sugar-free sweets market is growing, so as a retailer, now is the perfect time to join in and stock up. Luckily for you, as Hancocks has the UK’s largest range of confectionery and is one of the best sweet wholesalers out there, so you’re in safe hands!


By Hancocks 2 months ago 320 Views

We are delighted to announce that the IB Group, UK’s largest distributor, importer and wholesaler of confectionery products, will now take on the UK distribution of the global confectionery brand PEZ.

PEZ, which originated in 1927, is an Austrian company that supplies its confectionery products to 80 countries worldwide, selling 70 million dispensers annually and 5 billion PEZ candies are consumed every year! PEZ are most known for their candies and novelty licensed dispensers, but also offer dextrose, fizzy and a range of gifting lines.

The IB Group are perfectly placed to successfully distribute the mighty PEZ brand nationwide. Impressively covering 4 different routes to market including Hancocks Wholesale, Bobby’s direct to store service, Bonds of London UK field sales and a direct supply route to larger Multiple Grocery customers. With over 55,000 customers across the UK, the IB Group can deliver fantastic sales for exclusive brands, making us the Perfect Partners.

We are proud to unveil the new Hancocks branding

By Hancocks 3 months ago 3153 Views

At Hancocks, we’ve worked hard over the years to secure our position as the largest confectionery wholesaler in the UK.

However, we know that in this competitive industry, resting on our laurels and not continuing to move forwards will only have negative consequences. We want to continue to lead the pack when it comes to providing wholesale sweets online, and know that staying dynamic, relevant and appealing to our customers is the best way to do this.

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day 2019 Early

By Hancocks 4 months ago 716 Views

Every retailer wants to get things right when it comes to the major holidays and events. And while it might seem a little while away (particularly with Christmas in the way!), it’s never too soon to start planning for Valentine’s Day and start getting your stock ready.

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Story

By Hancocks 4 months ago 700 Views

The United States of America has sent some interesting things our way over the years. Some have firmly become a part of British society (think McDonalds, KFC etc), while others have failed to ingratiate themselves fully in our culture (the rodeo, for instance).

10 tasty items to stock for last minute Christmas shoppers

By Hancocks 4 months ago 389 Views

Hancocks can be your one-stop confectionery shop this festive season. Our range of fantastic products are sure to appeal to shoppers and allow you to boost sales at this important time of year. We believe that preparation is key when it comes to getting your stock right for the Christmas rush, and the closer you get to the big day, the more and more impulsive shoppers tend to be.

Dressing your shop window with Christmas Sweets

By Hancocks 4 months ago 352 Views

There’s a real art to getting your window displays right in the run up to the Christmas period. With more and more people out on the high street looking for great presents and purchases, a fantastic window display is an excellent way to get more people through your doors and buying from your stock.

The New and Improved Vimto Lolly Jar is Coming Soon

By Hancocks 4 months ago 2091 Views

Hancocks is delighted to announce that we have become the new supplier of the Vimto 200 piece lolly jar. This means it is easier for you to provide your customers with these fabulous, tasty and unique tasting sweets at great prices.

What are the Nation’s Favourite Pick and Mix Sweets?

By Hancocks 5 months ago 414 Views

As a customer, the beauty of a pick and mix selection is that the power is in your hands. Being able to choose your favourite sweets and confectionery from a broad array of options means you can get the most out of the money you spend.

You’ve been given a chocolate box – what to eat first?

By Hancocks 5 months ago 383 Views

Christmas is a time of year when people like to treat their friends, family and themselves to some tasty chocolates. It’s hard to say no at Christmas time, and that means that sales of chocolates and chocolate gifts can go through the roof.