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Bolster your Snacking Range

By Hancocks 2 months ago 224 Views No comments

It can be a difficult thing finding that perfect snack, so as a retailer, it’s important you provide a strong range of options. Thankfully, you can pick up a great range of snacks from Hancocks at excellent wholesale prices.

How good is your Easter knowledge?

By Hancocks 3 months ago 275 Views

Easter is a great time of year to spend time with family and friends, enjoy some time away from work and indulge in a chocolatey treat or ten.

However you choose to spend your Easter weekend, you can get into the spirit of things with Hancocks’ Easter fun facts quiz.

Must-Have Mother's Day Treats

By Hancocks 4 months ago 267 Views No comments

Mother’s day is fast approaching, meaning it is time for retailers to ensure they have stocked up on all the mother’s day essentials for this year.

Though we believe you shouldn’t require a specific day in the year to show your mother appreciation, and that every day should be treated as mother’s day, this day has become an increasingly important date in the diaries of confectionery retailers of all shapes and sizes.

The Beauty of the Humble Penny Sweet

By Hancocks 8 months ago 694 Views No comments

Any confectionery enthusiast will know the beauty of being presented with a truly diverse selection of delicious sweets.

With so many flavours, styles and colours at your disposal, it’s hard not to get excited when a world of taste is right before your eyes.

Quiz - How well do you know your old fashioned sweets?

By Hancocks 8 months ago 51669 Views No comments

When it comes to picking your favourite sweets and confectionery, sometimes the old classics are the best.

So while at Hancocks we’re always looking to bring in new and exciting confectionery, we fully appreciate the draw and charm of the more traditional sweets options out there.

If you consider yourself a confectionery enthusiast, this latest blog will be right up your street.

Get ready for Christmas 2019 at Hancocks

By Hancocks 10 months ago 1065 Views No comments

The Hancocks Christmas Brochure is packed full of superb items of the highest quality – all available to buy at exceptional low prices.

All the items we will have available for you to buy in the run up to Christmas 2019 are listed clearly and carefully. The brochure can act as a handy way of getting you in the right mindset for Christmas, while also providing a great guide as to the breadth and depth of Hancocks’ offering.

Take Advantage of Great Machine & Stand Bundles

By Hancocks 11 months ago 518 Views

At Hancocks, we’re all about delivering the very best value and affordable wholesale sweet options to our customers.

We not only have a wealth of wholesale sweets, chocolates and confectionery for you to pick from, but the Hancocks team is always mindful of the logistics and specifics of selling sweets out in the real world.

Hancocks adds Super Nature range to wholesale offering

By Hancocks 1 years ago 724 Views No comments

At Hancocks, we’re committed to providing new offerings to our loyal customers to help them keep their own range of products fresh and attractive to shoppers.

As such, we’ve got another online exclusive available for our customers to stock up on.

5 novel ways to decorate with Sweets and Confectionery

By Hancocks 1 years ago 816 Views

Now as one of the best wholesale sweets supplier, we generally want to provide sweets for our customers that will fly off the shelves and be munched on and enjoyed. Whether it’s pick'n'mix sweets, fudge or bagged sweets, we want to be the go-to confectionery wholesaler that is known for having a wide variety of sweet options for retailers.

Choosing the right Pick N' Mix Jars

By Hancocks 1 years ago 763 Views

Pick n’ mix sweets are a hallmark of many peoples’ childhood, with the variety and range of flavours, textures and styles available allowing everybody to find their favourite.

As a leading confectionery wholesaler, at Hancocks we take pick n’ mix very seriously. Our aim is to provide our customers with everything they need to get the pick n’ mix offering they’ve always wanted.