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Bagged sweets are a clever and convenient way of reaching customers who are on the run and don’t necessarily have the time to choose pick and mix sweets. Using branded bagged sweets, and especially share bags, can help you boost your sales as customers will recognize the brands instantly and be more likely to purchase them.

Here, at Hancocks, we offer an extensive range of high quality branded bagged sweets sourced only from trusted manufacturers that can help you expand your audience. Whether you prefer retro confectionery, novelty treats or more general sweets, there’s definitely something that will suit your needs.

Some of our top selling brands include:

  • Cadbury
  • Haribo
  • Kingsway
  • Mars
  • Millions
  • Nestle
  • Swizzels
  • Skittles

Children and adults alike love the well-known flavours from their favourite brands and being able to share them with their loved ones is always a bonus, whilst busy shop owners will certainly love the convenience of these share bags that are ready to be sold without any extra packaging needed. Just buy them, put them in your shop and watch them fly off the shelves!
Make sure to stock up on a wide variety of branded bagged sweets – the more, the better. This way you can expand your reach and offer lots of different types of sweets from all sorts of chocolate nibbles to bon bons, jellies or sour and fizzy treats.

You can buy wholesale branded bagged sweets from Hancocks online or by visiting one of our 20 cash and carries spread across the UK. If you order from our website, you will deliver your confectionery supplies within 48 hours.


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