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Crazy Candy Factory

With sweets that are as fun as they are tasty, younger shoppers love the Crazy Candy Factory range! From exciting novelty lines to pick n mix tubs and delicious lollipops, Crazy Candy Factory offer endless ways to add more fun to your shelves.


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          Who Owns Crazy Candy Factory?

          Crazy Candy Factory is proudly a Hancocks brand! Offering a jaw-dropping range that puts smiles on the faces of sweet-loving children! Just like our beloved Kingsway sweets, they bring delicious character to the shelves of any store. From pick n mix tubs to novelty toys and sweets, the Crazy Candy Factory line-up includes something for every little sweet tooth! 


          Are Crazy Candy Factory Sweets Halal?

          All of the Crazy Candy Factory pick n mix sweet tubs are halal sweets. That’s right, all of the tubs and filled with halal pick and mix sweets! Carefully made with no haram ingredients, the top quality and utterly delicious sweets are perfectly suitable for any halal diet. Including these tubs in your pick n mix range is a simple and effective way to cater for a diverse range of dietary requirements with some sweetshop favourites! 


          Popular Crazy Candy Factory Sweets

          Throughout the range of Crazy Candy Factory sweets, you will find plenty of delicious treats that will enhance any confectionery offering. Putting them on your shelves will ensure that customers have an eye-catching and fantastically fun sweet experience! With delicious lollipops, retro-inspired treats and exciting sweets that capture the imagination, here are some of the most popular Crazy Candy Factory products – all available in bulk here at Hancocks! 


          Fruit Pops

          Offering a mix of fruit, bubblegum and cola flavour liquid candy, the Crazy Candy Factory Fruit Pops are a unique treat that younger sweets fans adore! The rounded capsules contain colourful, tasty flavours and are sure to catch the eye of sweet lovers in store. A juicy treat, or a fun frozen snack, these tubs are suitable for both vegetarian and vegan customers and will have them coming back for more!


          Candy Floss

          A popular sweet with kids of all ages, candy floss is a line that will catch the eye of all children from toddlers to school kids! The light and fluffy treat is like nothing else, and Crazy Candy Factory have three different versions that you can offer your sweet-toothed shoppers. Their Candy Floss Cups 20g contain strawberry and raspberry flavours, whilst the Chaos Candy Floss Sour Apple & Watermelon 20g cups will tickle the tastebuds! For even more sweet fluffy fun, their Candy Floss Clouds offer 50g of delicious fruit-flavoured treats. All three of the tubs offer a healthy POR, with the Chaos Candy Floss tubs offering 25.17%, whilst the other two tubs can offer 34%! 


          Pick n Mix Sweetshop Tubs

          Going to the shop to choose your pick n mix is an experience that really holds a place in the hearts of the younger sweet lovers. Whether it’s from a big pick and mix stand, or bulk tubs on the shelves of a tuck shop, there is nothing that compares! Crazy Candy Factory’s range of Sweetshop Tubs is an exciting collection of 1p, 5p, 10p and 20p sweets that includes more than enough options to make any child’s sweet dreams come true! From retro favourites like Jelly Lips and Cola Bottles to new and exciting popular lines such as Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles and Fizzy Cable Shocks, it couldn’t be easier to provide a broad range of delicious pick and mix sweets! It is increasingly important for retailers to cater to different dietary requirements and across the range, the Crazy Candy Factory Sweetshop Tubs are filled with halal-certified treats. 


          Novelty Sweet Lines

          With their entire range intent on helping younger sweet fans enjoy fun sweet treats, you will find a great selection of wholesale novelty sweets that do just that! Inside this range, you’ll find everything from gumball machines to the Edible Paper Funny Money and the sweetshop classic Candy Necklaces.

          There are numerous novelty lollipops within the Crazy Candy Factory Range, with lollies that light up and take the form of many exciting characters! The Zoo Lollipops are not only shaped like a variety of beloved zoo animals, but kids love that they can be worn as a ring, too! There are several flashing options across the range, with Flashing Bling Pops popular choices alongside the Unicorn Light Pops. 


          Wholesale Crazy Candy Factory Sweets

          With a range that is as much for the imagination as it is for the tastebuds, Crazy Candy Factory wholesale sweets are a delicious way to add some magic to the shelves of any store! Whether you are looking to add halal sweets to your in-store selection or want something truly outrageous to put the biggest smiles on faces, there is a Crazy Candy Factory line for you! If you have any questions about this or any other brand here at Hancocks, feel free to contact our team who will be more than happy to help you out!