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Hannah's Sweets

Manufacturing sweetshop favourites from quality ingredients, Hannah's lines are a must have option for those sweet-loving customers! From Brain Lickers to chocolate mice and Fizz Wiz popping candy, there is something for everyone. Shop bulk Hannah's sweets and chocolates online today.


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          Wholesale Hannah's Sweets

          Based in Scotland, Hannah's specialises in a range of sweetshop favourites, ranging from delicious compound chocolate treats to liquid candy, popping candy and plenty more. All made in their BRC AA-graded facility in Johnstone, Hannahs is a third-generation family business that is passionate about and committed to producing lines that consumers want from responsible and quality ingredients. Here at Hancocks, were exclusive distributors of the bulk Hannahs range and we couldn't be prouder!

          Brain Lickers

          A sweetshop favourite, Hannah's Brain Lickers are hot property on the shelves of any store. Adored by younger sweet connoisseurs, the liquid candy is sour and fruity and thanks to the roller top, it is a unique experience! An irresistible and popular line that is a perfect pocket money treat, these are ideal for specialist sweet shops and convenience stores alike. Offering a more feminine alternative, the Lickedy Lips come in a range of flavours that include blue raspberry, strawberry, grape and cola! Shop online for the most convenient way to get your Brain Licker candy rollers in bulk.

          Hannah's Icy Cups

          A wonderful addition to any range, the bulk case of Hannah's Icy Cups is a hit with all lovers of chocolate candy. Each comes in an individual foil case, making the colourful tub an eye-catching option on shelf. The creamy chocolate pieces melt in the mouth and are a must-have in a pick n mix for any chocoholic. The display case includes 200 of the delicious cups and priced at 5p each, they're ready to be put on the shelf and sold right away.

          Hannah's Jazzies & Snowies

          The chocolate candy buttons with a colourful and crispy candy topping, Hannah's Jazzies are a true icon of British sweetshop confectionery. A staple of tuck shops and sweet parlours of all kinds, these are a popular treat that will put a smile on the faces of pick n mixers of all ages! Sold in bulk boxes that're exclusively available at Hancocks, Hannah's Chocolate Jazzies are a treat that everyone will love. Chocoholics are also enamoured with their white chocolate variation, Snowies! Both are available in bulk boxes among other formats. The Mega Jazzies and Snowies are a chunky, deeper version of the sweetshop classic, whilst both variations of Jazzles are individual bags of mini chocolate buttons. There are other shapes that utilise the combination of chocolate flavours and the crunchy non-pareil topping, with the White Chocolate Snowie Stars and strawberry Pink Hearts providing yet more ways to brighten up your chocolate candy selection.

          Bulk Buy Hannah's Sweets

          Expert manufacturers, each and every one of the sweets and chocolates crafted by Hannahs offers delicious quality. Whether you stock Hannah's Candy Cones, Foam Bananas or Fizz Wiz popping candy, you can rest assured that you're giving your shoppers the best! Here at Hancocks, we're proud to be exclusive distributors of all larger bulk Hannahs sweets. We're always working to make sure that we provide you with the best service we can. So, once you've built your basket, simply choose your preferred delivery service and our trusted delivery partners will get the stock delivered to your door. So, you'll get the same service as with our other wholesale sweets and chocolate!

          If you have any questions regarding our selection of Hannah's products, or any of our other wholesale sweets or bulk chocolate, simply contact our team and we will happily find the answers you seek.