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Kingsway Sweets

With a range of high-quality pick n mix sweets, Kingsway has treats every customer will love. From retro favourites to the latest sweets, there’s a place for Kingsway lines in any store. Browse wholesale Kingsway sweets and chocolates and find the perfect addition to your pick n mix range.


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          Who Owns Kingsway Sweets?

          The simple answer – we do! In 1962, Ray Hancock founded the first Hancocks cash and carry, and Kingsway was born along with it. Ever since, there have been too many iconic sweets to count, with the Kingsway brand bringing delicious pick n mix sweets to UK sweet lovers. The Kingsway range is continually being updated with new and exciting pick and mix sweets alongside steadfast retro favourites that have been around for years. Simply put, the pride and joy of Hancocks will have a pick n mix for any occasion.


          Popular Kingsway Sweets

          Throughout the Kingsway family, there is a huge mix of pick n mix sweets which means you can cater for all tastes with ease. It’s the depth of flavours and textures that have cemented the Kingsway sweet brand as a favourite of both retailers and consumers alike. Whether it’s a retro favourite, such as bon bons, or chocolate coins, or countless gummy treats, they put a smile on your face. There are so many types of pick n mix that Kingsway supplies, and below, we’ll run through some that have a place in any sweet shop.


          Kingsway Jelly Sweets

          A favourite across generations, jelly sweets are a staple of any pick n mix offering. With so many flavours and designs, Kingsway gave a jelly delight for everyone to sink their teeth into. Some have a bit of a sour edge, like the ever-popular Fizzy Cola Bottles, whilst others are simply sweet and fruity like the Jelly Meerkats or Giant Strawberries. Whatever flavour you opt for, all of the bulk Kingsway wholesale jelly and gummy sweets are sold in large bags or boxes that not only make it easy to refill displays but offer a healthy POR for retailers too.


          Kingsway Retro Sweets

          Pick n mix just wouldn’t be the same without a retro flavour, would it? Having been around for decades, Kingsway knows the power of retro sweets. Their fine array of retro favourites includes a variety of lines that can complement any sweet offering. From Kingsway Mushrooms to Juicy Red Lips and many more, you’ll be able to find your customers’ favourites in convenient bulk bags at trade prices.


          Kingsway Bon Bons

          No pick n mix offering is complete without a selection of bon bons, and Kingsway has a wide range to choose from. These delicious sweets add eye-catching colour to any confectionery display and are all bursting with sweet flavours. A treat for young and old alike, choose from favourites such as Strawberry Bon Bons and Blue Raspberry Bon Bons – all available to buy in bulk.


          Kingsway Fizzy & Sour Sweets

          Never doubt the power of sour sweets. The kick of a sour or fizzy sweet is loved by so many – which is why they’re such a popular pick n mix treat. With Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles and Fizzy Twin Cherries among plenty of other tangy favourites, Kingsway’s range of fizzy and sour sweets can liven up any pick and mix stand.


          Kingsway Chocolate Pick n Mix

          Whilst the world of pick and mix is dominated by sweets of all different kinds, there is undoubtedly still a place for chocolate pick n mix in any offering. Whether you opt for Milk Chocolate CoinsMilk Chocolate Speckled Eggs or any other cocoa favourite, they’re always a popular inclusion.


          Kingsway Seasonal Sweets

          Alongside their supply of year-round delights, Kingsway proves their finger is on the pulse with an array of new and seasonal pick n mix sweets whenever you need them. With new releases each year for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and plenty of other occasions over the months, they continually offer the sweets you need to keep your range up to date. Offering the perfect way to keep your shoppers interested, you can count on Kingsway’s seasonal offerings to add that extra bit of magic.


          Are Kingsway Sweets Vegan?

          Not all Kingsway sweets are vegan; however, throughout their massive range, there are plenty of options that cater to different dietary requirements. In fact, many of the most popular Kingsway lines are suitable for vegans, such as Tongue Painters and Dracula Teeth. What’s more, many popular lines have been adapted to suit various dietary requirements. For instance, Watermelon Slices are gluten-free whilst Jelly Snakes are dairy-free. As a retailer, these give you more flexibility in-store as you can cater to a broader range of customers.


          Kingsway Sweets at Hancocks

          No matter what you’re looking to add to your pick n mix, there will be something that will help you out in the Kingsway range. All available in bulk and at trade prices, the Kingsway range is full of options that will improve any sweet offering. With each of the bulk pick n mix options delivering value and delicious variety into any store, you know that buying Kingsway sweets wholesale will keep sweet lovers of all ages smiling.

          When shopping Kingsway sweets at Hancocks, you are buying straight from the source which means that you get the best prices and ROI. What’s more, the Kingsway Value Range offers even better bang for your buck. If you have any questions about our wonderful Kingsway range, simply contact us and we will happily help you out.