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          Bulk Let's Bake & Decorate Baking Toppings

          The home baking market has amplified in value over the past few years and is forecasted to continue to amplify.Let’s Bake… & Decorate is an aesthetically pleasing brand brought to you by Hancocks. It boasts a range of wholesale confectionery products, with no VAT, that appeals to the casual home baker, the pastry professional looking to add ‘the icing on the cake’ to their creations, the ice-cream van business, the independent retailer, or the food service customer.

          The Let’s Bake… & Decorate range includes Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, & Vanilla Marshmallows, as well as mini and micro variations of each of these flavours.

          Products are stocked in a range of weights from 150g to 750g. Packaged in bags or tubs with a delightful pastel colour scheme that features vibrant icing dusted with toppings. Based on a selling price of 99p/100g and no VAT, the current products will stock your shelves with valuable margins of up to 62.4%.

          The Let’s Bake… & Decoraterange is an ongoing development. We are continually investing in research and development so that we can add new products, with no VAT, and value to the range. We hope it will inspire home bakers and make the jobs of professionals, ice cream van businesses, food service customers, or retailers easier.

          Fire up your oven and inspire your baking business with our exciting wholesale confectionery baking product range which is sure to meet all your baking needs! Home bakers, professional pastry bakers, ice cream van businesses, retailers, food service customers: keep your eyes on new products and your utensils at the ready!