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Nestle Chocolate

With a range bursting at the seams with family favourites, Nestle makes a delicious chocolate treat for everyone! Not only that, but they also make some of the best loved chocolate brands around the world. From everyday treats to iconic assortments and much more, shop bulk Nestle products today and stock up on much loved lines right here.


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          About Nestle

          With roots tracing back as far as 1866, Nestle has a storied history of producing quality products that people adore. The case in point is that the Swiss brand is credited with inventing the world’s first milk chocolate! It’s no surprise then, that their range today is packed with countless chocolate bars that are favourites with people of all ages. However, they first made their name producing condensed milk, and also make some of the world’s most popular coffee today. Combining their signature milk chocolate with many delicious flavours and additions, there is a range of irresistible chocolate treats under the Nestle wholesale umbrella. 

          Nestle Brands

          The Nestle portfolio spans not only delicious chocolate, but some mouth-watering sweets, too. Such a diverse portfolio, every customer has a favourite Nestle product. So, building an offering that includes a range of popular Nestle lines is a great way to keep shoppers smiling and coming back for more. Here at Hancocks we stock all of the most popular Nestle treats, so let’s run through just a few below. 

          Nestle Chocolate

          For many, it is the plethora of delicious chocolates that Nestle is best known for. From milk to white chocolate, paired with a host of other famous flavours and tastes, their range is filled with superstars. Browse our range and shop Nestle chocolate wholesale to get your store ready, right here. 

          Kit Kat

          If ever you need proof that a simple formula can be one of the most effective, look no further than the humble Kit Kat chocolate! A delicious wafer biscuit coated in a milk chocolate layer; it is the perfect companion no-nonsense snack whatever the occasion. Available in a range of sizes and multipacks, as well as the ever popular Kit Kat Chunky and many other novel versions, there is never a time when shoppers won’t be appreciative of a Kit Kat.  


          A delicious drop of milk chocolate with a crisp and colourful sugar shell, Smarties chocolate is adored across generations. Available in classic tubes that are perfect for snacking, as well as wholesale bulk bags, multipacks and sharing pouches, there is a way to offer Smarties for shoppers, no matter their reason for buying. You’ll also find Smarties Buttons, Smarties Milk Chocolate Bar and Orange Chocolate Sharing Bar among other treats enhanced by the addition of Smarties.  


          The world’s favourite bubbly chocolate, nothing comes close to the uplifting delight of Aero chocolate! Whether shoppers fancy a bar or a snack like Aero Bubbles or Melts, there are a variety of flavours to tickle anyone’s fancy. From milk chocolate to peppermint, caramel, white chocolate and the mysterious Aero Dark & Milk Peppermint chocolate bar, the range is popping with exciting flavours. Build a delicious range for your customers to enjoy and shop bulk Aero products online today.  

          Nestle Sweets

          As we said before, Nestle might be most famous for their chocolate lines today, but they have so much more to offer to confectionery retailers. Within their range, you’ll find some of the most recognisable and popular sweet brands that you and your customers know and love. Beloved names in the world of sweets, such as Rowntree’s and Polos, for example, are part of the Nestle family! Browse our broad range and offer shoppers a delicious range of Nestle sweets in-store. 

          Nestle Chocolate & Sweets at Hancocks

          Here at Hancocks we’re experts in the world of wholesale confectionery and we understand the importance of offering sweet-toothed customers just what they are looking for. That’s why we work hard to ensure that we can offer our customers the widest range of all the most exciting and popular lines from all across the Nestle family. From After Eight Mints and Quality Streets to Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, Milkybar, Toffee Crisp and many more Nestle bulk favourites, you’ll find the wholesale stock that you need right here. Simply put, there is no better place for your Nestle bulk buy!

          When you buy in bulk and shop online, you’ll have a choice of our UK delivery options, meaning that you can place your order and then focus on keeping those customers smiling! If you have any questions about any of our stock, simply contact us and we will help however we can.