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Category Advice: Countdown to Easter

With Easter now just weeks away, you should have already decided upon your range and display. For some businesses, the decision is to offer a limited selection whilst others will choose to be more proactive with the season. Whatever your opinion, here’s five key choices that we’d urge you not to miss out on.

Cadbury Creme Egg

1.       Cadbury Crème Egg

Like your favourite jumper, Crème Egg is always there at Easter and never lets you down! More than 200 million eggs are sold every year and the brand is worth in excess of £45 million. Your business just needs a small amount of that to cash in on this opportunity. Even if you just have a box on the counter, you are taking advantage of the £3 million marketing spend that is underway right now and your business stands a chance of winning £1,000 in cash if a customer finds a Gooless egg in your store!

2.       A selection of impulsive treats

Not a single product but a clear choice to make. A huge amount of treat items are sold on impulse in the run up to Easter and if you don’t stock them, you can’t sell them! So once you have your Crème Eggs on the shelf, build a bit more of a display around them with the likes of Kinder Eggs, Galaxy Bubble Eggs and Malteaster. There is plenty to choose from and the instant treat purchase is key throughout the spring season, especially for independent retailers.Lindt Bunny

3.       Lindt Bunny

He’s starting to get as reliable as the Crème Egg. Synonymous with Easter, our favourite chocolate bunny comes in all shapes and sizes to suit all buying occasions. Counter top boxes of 10g bunnies make for easy treats (see above) whilst a 1kg Lindt Bunny makes quite a statement for a premium gift. You can find a Lindt Bunny pack with fabric ears for the consumer to enjoy wearing, a bunny with its own carrots and even a plush, cuddly bunny for those that never want to lose him. The key point is to stock some format of Lindt Bunny in your store.

4.       Eggs for hunts

There is a real growth in the popularity of Easter egg hunts around the season and many products have been created with this in mind. Any format of small, foil wrapped chocolate pieces work well and you can Jelly Bean Carroteasily cater for this need, which can often be a last minute requirement. We stock 3kg bags of foil wrapped eggs that you can sell individually or repackage into smaller amounts. There is also a useful drum of small, wrapped Lindt eggs and a 100g bag of assorted mini eggs that can be sold as a retail unit. Cadbury also has an Easter Egg Trail product that serves this need well.

5.       Attention grabbers

Stock one or two seasonal products that will make your customers look twice and investigate your Easter display in more detail. We’ve got some great value own label products that are visually fun on the eye such as Milk Chocolate Hot Cross Bun and Milk Chocolate Egg on Toast. Easter Jelly Bean Carrots are also a popular choice. If it’s brands that you want, consider the Rocher Bunny (T13) that is a bunny shaped container packed with Ferrero Rocher. Not everyone wants to buy a chocolate egg packed in a rectangular box and there is no need for your Easter display to be limited either.