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As the leading UK confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks has added recently to its ever increasing range of high quality sweets an entire selection of popular American confectionery that gives retailers the opportunity to offer something different to their customers.

Part of our extensive range of great value American sweets featuring well-known brands such as Lucky Charms, Reese’s, Hershey’s or Wonka Sweets, our American Candy range also includes extremely popular cereal boxes.

Children and adults from across the pond have enjoyed these delicious cereals for years and now, so can your customers, who will definitely be interested in trying out something new. A great way of expanding your reach to include children of all ages and teenagers, American cereals make for an easy and tasty breakfast, but can also be enjoyed as a snack before going to bed or just as a sweet break.

Our best-selling options include Luck Charms Cereal Box Extra Value and Reese’s Puff Cereal. If you’re planning on expanding your stock to include some American goodies, make sure to add these awesome cereal boxes to your display. Alternatively, if you were already selling cereals to your customers, you can add these new products to freshen up your cereal range.

Expanding your stock regularly and introducing new products is a great way of ensuring customer loyalty, as well as increasing your audience and reach new demographic groups and American sweets have proved to be one of the strongest trends in the confectionery market over the past few years, so it’s definitely worth considering.

To discover our full range of American sweets and other types of confectionery, feel free to browse our website or visit one of our 20 cash and carries, where our team of friendly experts can help you choose the right products for your business.


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  • General Mills Reese's Puffs Cereal 326g

    General Mills Reese's Puffs Cereal 326g

    £3.83 excl. VAT £3.83 incl. VAT
    Code 305540
  • General Mills Lucky Charms Cereal Single Serve Cup 49g

    General Mills Lucky Charms Cereal Single Serve Cup 49g

    £13.23 excl. VAT £13.23 incl. VAT
    Code 305541

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2 Item(s)