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  1. Maltesers Reindeer Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendar 108g
    1 x 108g Sell at £2.79 POR 35.9%
    ex. VAT £1.49
    Vat 20%

  2. Maltesers Chocolate Box 110g
    1 x 110g Sell at £1.90 POR 43.8%
    3 Week Sweet Deals
    Ends 2nd October
    ex. VAT £0.89 £1.19
    Vat 20%

  3. Maltesers Chocolate Box 185g
    1 x 185g Sell at £2.99 POR 47.8%
    3 Week Sweet Deals
    Ends 2nd October
    ex. VAT £1.30 £1.59
    Vat 20%

  4. Maltesers Chocolate Gift Box 310g
    1 x 310g Sell at £4.49 POR 26.5%
    ex. VAT £2.75
    Vat 20%

  5. Maltesers Reindeer Chocolate Christmas Treat 29g
    32 x 29g Sell at £0.65 POR 36.6%
    ex. VAT £10.99
    Vat 20%

  6. Maltesers Truffles Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendar 218g
    1 x 218g Sell at £9.99 POR 34.1%
    ex. VAT £5.49
    Vat 20%

  7. Maltesers Chocolate Christmas Sharing Pouch Bag 265g
    1 x 265g Sell at £4.99 POR 30.5%
    ex. VAT £2.89
    Vat 20%

  8. Maltesers & Friends Small Christmas Chocolate Selection Pack 73g
    12 x 73g Sell at £1.39 POR 40.4%
    ex. VAT £8.29
    Vat 20%

  9. Maltesers Chocolate Christmas Gift Tube 75g
    18 x 75g Sell at £1.70 POR 47.9%
    ex. VAT £13.29
    Vat 20%

  10. Maltesers Teasers Chocolate Gift Box 275g
    1 x 275g Sell at £4.99 POR 37.7%
    ex. VAT £2.59
    Vat 20%

  11. Maltesers Reindeer Chocolate Christmas Mini Treats Bag 59g
    24 x 59g Sell at £1.29 POR 36.1%
    ex. VAT £16.49
    Vat 20%

  12. Maltesers and Friends Chocolate Large Christmas Selection Box 207g
    8 x 207g Sell at £4.29 POR 30.1%
    ex. VAT £19.99
    Vat 20%

  13. Maltesers Truffles Chocolate Gift Box 200g
    1 x 200g Sell at £4.99 POR 16.1%
    ex. VAT £3.49
    Vat 20%

To download our 2019 Catalogue click here 

Christmas continues to be the key season in the confectionery calendar and Hancocks can offer you a unique and wide range of wholesale Christmas confectionery including chocolate, sweets and confectionery gifts, allowing you to make the most of the very important festive season.

Hancock’s wholesale Christmas confectionery range is looking fantastic. With retail prices from pennies to many pounds, there is something for everyone and every purchase occasion. Hancocks can offer a massive number of exclusive Christmas confectionery products; only available from Hancocks, whilst the number of new products is the highest ever. 

Hancocks is able to offer its wholesale Christmas confectionery range for sale online, delivering directly to your business. Whilst the entire range can be found at our confectionery cash and carries across the UK, for those that prefer it, our online wholesale sweets shop can offer you a comprehensive range to maximise your Christmas confectionery sales. 

Some popular Christmas confectionery products at Hancocks include: 

  • Advent calendars
  • Boxes of liqueur chocolates
  • Bags of fudge or nougat
  • Sweet filled jars and tubes
  • Novelty Christmas pops (lollies)
  • Chocolate coins 

Displaying items such as chocolate advent calendars, confectionery stocking fillers and chocolate tree decorations early on in the season, will encourage your customers to start picking up bits and pieces as they spot them, spreading the big Christmas spend. Then you might start to develop your Christmas confectionery display with a selection of £1 token gifts and higher priced confectionery gifts in order to maintain the highest level of interest.

You can really have some fun with your Christmas confectionery display and Hancocks can provide you with no end of ideas! In the cash and carries, you can buy a giant chocolate cupcake, gift boxed and wonderfully decorated to act as a centrepiece. Alternatively you could decorate a Christmas tree with many sizes of candy canes and an abundance of chocolate Christmas tree decorations. 

We’ve been selling wholesale Christmas confectionery at Hancocks for more than 50 years now and we would love to help your business make the most of the festive season.

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