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  1. Fanta Fruit Twist Cans 330ml
    24 x 330ml Sell at £0.65 POR 30.85%
    ex. VAT £8.99
    Vat 20%

  2. Shmoo Chocolate Milkshake Mix 1.8kg
    1 x 1.8kg Sell at £1.50
    ex. VAT £30.99
    Vat 0%

Buying wholesale drinks, ice poles and slush syrup online can be a great advantage to many businesses, saving the time spent bringing heavy supplies back from the cash and carry. Hancocks stocks a wide range of wholesale drinks, ice poles and slush syrup to buy online to suit all ages and price points. They will be delivered on a pallet due to weight and delivery logistics. You've got plenty to choose from so please browse through the range.

Here's a list of popular brands to consider when choosing your wholesale drinks:

We've got these brands and many more available, ensuring that you can display an interesting range for your customers. Stocking chilled drinks over the summer months can be a real winner, allowing you to benefit from so many impulse purchases that are often accompanied with a snack. If you don't have a display fridge, the investment would be well worth considering if you have the opportunity to sell wholesale drinks.

Amongst our wholesale drinks you'll also find Ice Pops. With Slush Puppie being the best known brand, these are sold as an ambient product and you can pop them in a small freezer to sell individually on impulse. This is a massive opportunity for local retailers, especially if you welcome a large number of children in your store. For a wider selection we also stock ice cream supplies, including a wider variety of toppings, syrups and slush.

Our soft drinks, slush and ice poles are heavy so please be aware that they will be delivered to you on a pallet.

Whilst wholesale drinks is a very important category for Hancocks, we can also offer you an astounding range of wholesale sweets and chocolates, delivered direct to your business or available to buy from our chain of confectionery cash and carries across the UK.

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