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  1. Foiled Milk Chocolate Creme Filled Eggs 1kg
    1 x 1kg Sell at £0.99 POR 16.48%
    ex. VAT £6.89
    Vat 20%

  2. Marshmallow Flowers Bag 1kg
    1 x 1kg Sell at £0.99 POR 57.7%
    3 Week Sweet Deals
    Ends 5pm 12th March
    ex. VAT £3.49 £3.99
    Vat 20%

  3. Pink & White Bunny Mallows 1kg
    1 x 1kg Sell at £0.99 POR 51.64%
    ex. VAT £3.99
    Vat 20%

When it comes to the Easter season, many retailers will invest heavily in their chocolate and confectionery products. This is where ranges such as the Easter collection available at Hancocks come into their own.

At Hancocks, we have put time and effort into collating a brilliant array of Easter confectionery. Here is our range of Easter pick and mix products, which is a fantastic way of spreading Easter joy.

Included in our collection of exciting Easter products is this brilliant choice of pick and mix, which includes a number of appealing items. Here is where you can find foiled mini eggs, Kingsway happy flowers, yellow and pink chick mallows and Kingsway fried eggs, among many more.

These items symbolise a number of things that are associated with Easter, and allow you to really make the most of your Easter product range. This gives you the opportunity to really promote Easter confectionery in your store and increase your revenue streams.

Our Easter pick and mix products come from many of the leading suppliers in the industry, including Kingsway, Zed Candy, Fudge Factory and many more. 

Easter pick and mix products form part of our wider collection of Easter products, which also includes wholesale Easter eggs, Easter sharing bags and Easter gift products.

Be sure to shop with Hancocks and add great items to your store this Easter today.

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