Focus On: Fizzy and Sour

A trend that has been in existence since the 1970s, fizzy and sour sweets have seen relentless growth in recent times. In fact a statistic from Leatherhead Food Research suggests that sour sweets alone are growing a massive 44% annually in the UK. Figures aside, it’s clear to see that demand for fizzy and sour sweets is on the up and so we consider what comprises this very important sector of the confectionery market.


Just for the fizz

It’s nothing new. We all devoured Fizzy Cola Bottles and Sherbet Fountains as kids. But coupled with sour, it’s a flavour trend that is on the up and up. Perhaps more suited to children with a bit of grown-up nostalgia thrown in for good measure, a large amount of fizzy sweets can be found amongst the pick and mix. But times are changing and you’ll find ideas in children’s sweets and even branded confectionery. If you are going to embrace the fizzy sweets market (and who wouldn’t) there are some no-brainers to start your range off with:

Fizzy Dummies

  • Kingsway Fizzy Cola Bottles
  • Kingsway Fizzy Bubble Bottles
  • Kingsway Fizzy Strawberries
  • Swizzels Original Fizzers
  • Kingsway Fizzy Fruit Lollies
  • Kingsway Fizzy Dummies


Other key considerations include fizzy varieties of Giant Cables, Fizzy Belts (assorted flavoured) and of course the much loved Sherbet Fountain.

A recent addition to our range is Kingsway Fizz Chews. Available in bulk bags, these are a little different as the coats of the sweets are smooth and do not imply a fizzy taste. But tuck into one and you’ll soon find the fizz inside!


Sour face

It seems that we love sour tastes these days. Driven by a younger audience, it’s not entirely age specific. But something has happened in the sour market recently; it’s got more extreme! The definition of extreme sour? Just look at your face in the mirror when you try one…

We used to think that sour sweets were things like Sour Dummies and Sour Apple Cubes. Whilst this is certainly correct and they remain popular today, there is a tranche of products that is starting to carve out the uber sour part of the market. When you need a shockingly sour sweet, varieties are now available on the shelf and there is none more shocking than Toxic Waste. Can anybody actually finish one?

So when you consider your own range of sour sweets, consider what types of “sour” your customers actually want to purchase from you. Standard sour sweets perhaps have a more mainstream appeal these days whereas extreme sour sweets might interest teens and those seeking something rather different; which in turn gives your business a point of difference.

Just like fizzy sweets, sour varieties are available in pick and mix, kid’s sweets and even branded confectionery; the boundaries have been well and truly widened. Here is a popular selection to consider:

  • Sour ShockersSour Cherries
  • Haribo Sour Cherries
  • Maynards Wine Gums Sour
  • Toxic Waste
  • Kingsway Sour Blue Raspberry Bon Bons
  • Kingsway Sour Mini Jelly Beans
  • Kingsway Sour Dummies
  • Kingsway Sour Strawberry Bites
  • Kingsway Sour Tongues
  • Kingsway Sour Apple Cubes


So here is our overall verdict on the fizzy and sour sweets market. It’s a trend that will be with us for some time to come. Driven by a younger audience, a nostalgic re-birth has given it a brand new lease of life and there are plenty of manufacturers hanging their hat on this trend for future NPD. One to watch we reckon.