FudgeDiscover Hancocks extensive collection of moreish fudges and ices, available in a variety of options including bargain blocks, fudge tubs and bars. Fudge is a firm favourite with tourists looking to take home tasty souvenirs, whilst coconut ices provide a sense of childhood nostalgia.

If you're a seaside retailer looking to cater to tourists in your area with traditional and novelty confectionery, or whether you want to bring a taste of the seaside into your store, then fudges & ices are the ideal confectionery choices.

When it comes down to it, the best retail store has an array of exciting and enticing fudge flavours to choose from. Select popular and exotic flavours of fudgeyou’re your store including vanilla for the traditional fudge lover, or liquorice for those with stronger tastes. It doesn’t just stop there. Offer even more fun flavours in your store, such as:

  • Cookie dough
  • Jaffa cake
  • Strawberry champagne
  • Kola Kube
  • And even Jaeger bomb fudge

Classic and modern

Whilst the world of fudge is ever-changing, the classic coconut ice remains in its traditional form of sweet shavings and irresistible chewiness. However, if you are looking to take on ices with a twist, Hancocks have coconut ice in milk chocolate coverings, and heavenly fudge duos.

At Hancocks, we aim to provide high quality sweets to sweet shops and retailers. That’s why we stock our selection of fudges and ices from reliable and well-known brands including DSC, Royale and Fudge Factory.


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