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One of the leading brands of sweets on the market, Haribo are known for their tasty treats that appeal to shoppers of all ages.

With distinct branding and loads of exciting flavours to pick from, Haribo is a must have in any confectionery range.

At Hancocks, we stock a truly broad selection of Haribo sweets that are sure to appeal to your customers.

Haribo is famous for its iconic Starmix, Tangfastic and Supermix products, which have all helped this brand become a true stalwart in the confectionery industry.

This is just the tip of the Haribo iceberg available at Hancocks. With so much to choose from, you can be sure to find the ideal additions to your store.

Haribo sweets come in all shapes and sizes. Designed for kids, adults will also buy into the Haribo brand. Sales formats can include pick and mix sweets, drums of individual products and pre-packed bags to share or enjoy during the day.

Whether you’re seeking bags, boxes or tubs of Haribo sweets, Hancocks is the place to shop. With more than 100 different varieties of Haribo sweets available for you to buy in bulk, don’t miss out.

Open up an account with Hancocks today and start buying sweets in bulk from a major confectionery wholesaler.

You can also pay a trip to your nearest Hancocks depot. Locate yours using our Find a Store tool. And be sure to take a look through our delivery and click and collect options.

If you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Hancocks team. We will be happy to help. 

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