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Kids SweetsChildren have loved sweets for many generations and today is no different. This category will provide you with some popular ideas for wholesale children’s sweets, available to buy in the UK online from Hancocks, the UK’s biggest confectionery wholesaler.

Whilst our UK confectionery cash and carries stock a simply massive array of wholesale sweets for kids, our online wholesale sweets shop will continue to bring you a growing selection of popular bulk sweets and confectionery that will sell well and make you a decent profit. Such a facility is proving really useful for UK confectionery retailers that are located too far away from one of our confectionery cash and carries to make a regular trip.

Kids in the UK love sweets that have a play value – they don’t always want to enjoy the sweets that we had in our childhood (though many do in fact stand the test of time, and retro sweets remain a popular source of sales) and we might look at some of the more contemporary kid’s sweets and grimace! Extreme sour flavours, playful candy dispensers, shocking combinations – they love them all. Furthermore, there is always something new and fun to try where UK sweets are concerned, so it is important to keep reviewing your range.

More conventional sweets, particularly pick and mix standbies like jelly beans or chocolate, also sell well for a younger audience.

Hancocks Cash and Carry is a specialist UK sweets and confectionery cash and carry that provides more than 5,000 branded and own label wholesale confectionery products to businesses like yours. With many cash and carries to be found around the UK, we talk to thousands of UK confectionery retailers daily and help them to choose the best confectionery supplies for their specific business.

Our online wholesale sweets shop at can provide an additional service, either for UK retailers that prefer to top up online in between visits or for those that are located too far from one of our confectionery cash and carries. We offer a specific range of the most popular and most profitable wholesale sweets online, for both children and adults to enjoy. Our 48 hour delivery service will bring your bulk sweets and confectionery straight to your business, wherever you are in the UK.


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  • Maoam Stripes 5p

    Maoam Stripes 5p

    £3.49 excl. VAT £4.19 incl. VAT
    Code 36926
  • Maoam Stripes 2.2kg

    Maoam Stripes 2.2kg

    £7.99 excl. VAT £9.59 incl. VAT
    Code 302943
  • Maoam Minis Sour 15p

    Maoam Minis Sour 15p

    £3.19 excl. VAT £3.83 incl. VAT
    Code 55030
  • Maoam Pinballs Stick 30p PMP

    Maoam Pinballs Stick 30p PMP

    £5.45 excl. VAT £6.54 incl. VAT
    Code 23726
  • Maoam Fizzingz Pinballs £1 PMP

    Maoam Fizzingz Pinballs £1 PMP

    £7.29 excl. VAT £8.75 incl. VAT
    Code 302038
  • Maoam Giant Stripes Sour

    Maoam Giant Stripes Sour

    Special Price Excl. VAT: £3.49 Now: £2.79 Incl. VAT: £4.19 Now: £3.35

    Code 23829
  • Maoam Bloxx 88g PMP

    Maoam Bloxx 88g PMP

    £5.59 excl. VAT £6.71 incl. VAT
    Code 16171
  • Maoam Crazy Roxx Bag 140g

    Maoam Crazy Roxx Share Bag 140g

    £6.99 excl. VAT £8.39 incl. VAT
    Code 301908

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8 Item(s)