Kingsway Bagged Sweets

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  1. Crazy Candy Factory Flying Saucers Bags 47g
    12 x 47g Sell at £1.00 POR 28%
    ex. VAT £7.20
    Vat 20%

  2. Kingsway Watermelon Slices 3kg
    1 x 3kg Sell at £0.99 POR 65.7%
    Buy 20-39 Kingsway Bags Save 20p/Unit
    Buy 40+ Kingsway Bags Save 50p/Unit
    ex. VAT £8.49
    Vat 20%

  3. Flying Saucers Cone Bag 45g
    42 x 45g Sell at £1.29 POR 33.58%
    ex. VAT £29.99
    Vat 20%

  4. Lonka Vanilla Fudge Bag 153g
    16 x 153g Sell at £1.00 POR 23.2%
    ex. VAT £10.24
    Vat 20%

  5. Lonka Milk Chocolate Rum & Raisins Nougat Bags 132g
    12 x 132g Sell at £1.00 POR 23.2%
    ex. VAT £7.68
    Vat 20%

  6. Kingsway Rhubarb & Custard Share Bags 210g
    10 x 210g Sell at £1.00 POR 35.32%
    ex. VAT £5.39
    Vat 20%

As confectionery specialists, Hancocks provide more than just high quality confectionery sourced from trusted manufacturers. We have also developed the exclusive Kingsway brand of confectionery that can help you achieve higher margins.

Featuring delicious flavours tested by our team of experts, the Kingsway range also includes a wide variety of share bags that will appeal to customers who might appreciate this convenience more than pick and mix confectionery. Alternatively, you can combine the two if you want to ensure a wider coverage.

Let your customers discover the exquisite taste of Kingsway confectionery that’ll have them coming back for more. Some of our favourite flavours include:

  • Sherbet Lemons
  • Toffee Bon Bons
  • Foam Bananas
  • Bubble Bottles
  • Strawberry Hearts
  • Porkie Pigs
  • Luxury Fruit Jellies
  • Liquorice Allsorts

These are just a few examples from our exclusive Kingsway range which features over 30 different types of share bags! To see our entire collection of excellent Kingsway products, don’t hesitate to browse our website or visit one of our 20 cash and carries.

These share bags make for great gifts and they cover a wide range of confectionery, from old fashioned sweets to more novelty products, which is why they will appeal to all sorts of customers, from young children looking for fun treats to nostalgic adults in need of a delicious break.

They’re also a very convenient option for busy shop owners – once you’ve bought them, they’re ready to be sold, with no extra packaging needed and you can easily arrange them on shelves as well. However, if you need more help regarding the right sweets for your business, our friendly staff are on hand in any one of our 20 cash and carries.

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