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We all want to find a great deal and wholesale confectionery is no exception! At Hancocks, we are continually talking to our many suppliers, negotiating an ongoing stream of deals and special offers for you to enjoy. Whilst we produce offer sheets to highlight the deals available in our cash and carries, this category page on our website will always tell you what online deals are available, ensuring that you are adding a good deal to your order whenever you can. Be sure to keep an eye on it though as we'll often be adding new offers.

We stock in excess of 1,500 branded and own label confectionery products on our website, available to buy online and have delivered to your business. Our many cash and carries across the UK can offer you an even bigger range to choose from and they are always a great place to go to when you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your business. We like nothing better than helping a customer with their range of confectionery and our teams have plenty of experience and knowledge to help you.

So whether you are looking for wholesale pick and mix sweets, children's sweets or just general wholesale confectionery, Hancocks will be able to help you; both online and offline. As for online deals, keep an eye on this category and be the first to learn about them. If you are within reach of one of our confectionery cash & carries, you can register and enjoy their busy program of special offers too!

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