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  1. Twix Chocolate Biscuit Twin Bars 50g
    25 x 50g Sell at £0.55 POR 30.27%
    ex. VAT £7.99
    Vat 20%

  2. Mars Chocolate Bars 51g
    48 x 51g Sell at £0.69 POR 36.63%
    ex. VAT £17.49
    Vat 20%

  3. Maltesers Teaser Chocolate Bars 35g
    24 x 35g Sell at £0.69 POR 22.54%
    ex. VAT £10.69
    Vat 20%

  4. Twix Xtra Chocolate Biscuit Twin Bars 75g
    24 x 75g Sell at £0.79 POR 19.68%
    ex. VAT £12.69
    Vat 20%

As the leading confectionery wholesaler in the UK, Hancocks stocks a significant range of wholesale Mars chocolate, both in our confectionery cash & carries and to buy online. Here we showcase some very familiar household names. Mars has been producing chocolate for many generations. Whilst new products are unveiled from time to time, we all continue to love some very familiar Mars chocolate brands such as Twix, Maltesers, Bounty, M&Ms, Minstrels, Celebrations and of course the good old Mars Bar itself. If you retail confectionery, it is quite likely that you stock some of these brands and Hancocks can supply you competitively and reliably with your stock of Mars chocolate in addition to other brands and own label confectionery. The leading supplier of wholesale confectionery in the UK, Hancocks has been trading since 1962 and now has a chain of confectionery cash & carries across the UK in addition to an ecommerce wholesale shop at Offering a friendly service and swift delivery, Hancocks is a great one-stop solution to all your wholesale confectionery needs. Mars chocolate products can always been found at Hancocks. If you wish to buy online, you'll find wholesale Mars products available to buy displayed in this category. Alternatively, we'd love to see you in one of our cash and carries where you can browse the shelves at your leisure before making your purchase. 
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