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With new lines added all the time, our New In page is the only place to find the latest bulk sweets! From pick n mix sweets and chocolate to novelty lollipops and American candy, there’s no telling what you might find. Add new sweets and treats to your shelves and grow customer excitement today.


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          Why You Should Stock the Newest Confectionery

          Offering your customers the latest and most exciting stock is an unrivalled way of catching their attention in store! Grabbing their attention, the newest lines can be effective lines that help to boost impulse sales and add a welcome boost to your bottom line. Whether you run a convenience store, specialist sweetshop or are organising an event, offering something that people haven’t seen before will make them pay attention.

          Here at Hancocks, we’re constantly working hard to secure the latest lines. Whether that means the latest flavours from the biggest brands or something completely unique, you can trust that we’re on it. Browse our range of the latest sweets and chocolate, drinks, sweetshop accessories and so much more and add a fresh spark to your offering.

          Bulk Buy New In Sweets

          Our New In selection will always include the latest sweets to enhance your range and excite shoppers. There’s no telling what you will find here, so some would say that it’s the most exciting page on the internet! One day we could be adding exciting lines to our pick n mix sweets, another it could be new price-marked sharing bags from Swizzels or Haribo, or it could be a new wild and wacky novelty sensation! You never know, all that is sure is that there will be some new sweets to get excited about.

          Bulk Buy New In Pick n Mix Sweets

          Here at Hancocks, we’re proud to offer our customers the largest selection of pick and mix sweets in the UK! From retro favourites to jelly sweets and plenty of dietary-friendly options, there is something for every shelf and every customer. Whether you stock traditional sweets in jars, have a pick n mix stand or pre-pack mouth-watering sweet gifts and boxes, our range of bulk pick n mix will have what you need. Our range is filled with the biggest brands such as our very own Kingsway, plus Vidal, vegan sweets from BUBS and many more. Just like the rest of our stock, we’re constantly updating it and making sure that you have the latest lines to offer to your customers. Whether it’s an updated recipe of a retro favourite or something totally new and attention-grabbing, there’s always something for pick and mixers to sink their teeth into! For the latest lines, dive into our selection and pick a mix that works for you.

          Bulk Buy New In American Sweets

          Specialist importers of the most popular American candy, Hancocks is the best place to get stateside favourites that are fully UK compliant and ready to sell in your store. We are in constant contact with and work with our partner brands to deliver the biggest and most popular American sweets to our customers. From Red Vines and Tootsie to Sour Patch and Warheads, Reese’s and Hershey’s, we’ve got you covered. As soon as we can get our hands on any of the latest trends from across the pond, head here and you’ll be the first to know. Whether that’s a new variation of favourites like Tootsie Rolls or Reese’s Pieces, or the latest innovation, you’ll find them all here. Before we sell any imported American lines to our valued customers, our in-house technical team of trained specialists will ensure that they are compliant with UK legislation, so you can sell them stress-free!

          Bulk Buy New Bulk Chocolate

          Any retailer knows the popularity of chocolate. When it comes to popular treats, a chocolate bar is definitely near the top of the rankings! You’ll often find daring flavour combinations and tasty trends sweep through wholesale chocolate offerings – these are incredibly tempting picks for any chocoholic. Some would say irresistible…

          With single bars, sharing blocks and exciting sharing bags, there is plenty of scope for regular new additions. The biggest brands are always updating their arsenals with new flavour variations or lines to meet dietary requirements, whilst seasonal chocolate is always in demand. You could stumble across the latest Cadbury chocolate bar, updated recipes, multipacks – the list goes on! Whatever the occasion, you’ll find the most in demand and latest wholesale chocolate right here.

          Buy the Latest Sweetshop Accessories

          As well as providing all of the wholesale confectionery you may need, we also provide packaging, accessories and all manner of handy things to accompany your sweets and chocolates. In our range you’ll find essential sweetshop accessories such as empty sweet jars, pick n mix tongues and scoops as well as various designs of paper bags and cups. Sweet packers will be excited by the latest styles of gift boxes, as well as the ribbons and seasonal stickers that help to apply those finishing touches throughout the year. Be sure to check back, so you can keep your stock on trend and everything can look as good as it tastes!

          Buy Wholesale Sweets and Chocolate Online

          Here at Hancocks we’ve been leading the way in the world of wholesale confectionery for over six decades! We know the importance of offering shoppers the right stock so that they leave your store with smiles on their faces – and come back for more. We work hard to ensure that our wholesale offering consists of both beloved favourites and, on this page in particular, the most innovative and newest sweets all in one place. Shop online and in bulk to get more of the latest sweets for less. If you have any questions about any of our lines, or our delivery options, then simply contact us and gladly assist however we can.