100 years of confectionery. Discover the taste of each decade

Posted on 28th August, 2015

The history of sweets spans over many centuries, with honey being one of the first sweet products enjoyed by human beings since ancient times. However, we decided to have a look at the past 100 years and see which sweets can be associated with what decade and which ones have passed the test of time and are still enjoyed by millions today.


1910s – Cadbury Dairy Milk

Launched in 1905, Cadbury Dairy Milk has remained a classic in the world of confectionery, with new varieties being added over the years.

1920s – Crunchie

It’s true that this magnificent combo of chocolate and honeycomb toffee was released in 1929, but it’s just too good not be mentioned.

1930s – Ice Pops

Whilst recipes for ice cream go back centuries, the ice cream sales truly boomed starting with the 1930s and continued to increase over the next few decades, as more and more people started having access to accessible refrigeration technology.

1940s – Polo Mints

These refreshing treats started being manufactured in 1948 and people across the globe have enjoyed them ever since.

1950s – Bounty

This famous chocolate bar was introduced in 1951. Since then more varieties appeared, although the original version remains a beloved classic.

1960s – Twix

Another product from Mars, this well-known chocolate bar was first produced in 1967.

1970s – Double Decker

Introduced in 1976, this fantastic two-layered chocolate bar is currently being manufactured by Cadbury.

1980s – Wispa

This aerated chocolate bar full of mini chocolate bubbles, was originally launched by Cadbury in 1981.

1990s – Chewits

Although they were released earlier, these chewy treats were all the rage back in the ‘90s.

2000s – Pez

Although this playful type of confectionery was launched way back, it remains one of the most popular type of sweets, often featuring popular characters from movies or cartoons.


There many, many other fantastic sweets that appeared and evolved over the past 100 years, but unfortunately we can’t include all of them. Which is why we want to ask you: What is your all-time favourite type of confectionery?

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