150 new products online

Posted on 15th February, 2013

We have promised to expand our online range of wholesale confectionery and that is exactly what we are doing! In case you have missed it, we’ve recently added a great range of American candy to our online wholesale sweets shop in addition to many more children’s confectionery products and plenty of extra pick and mix sweets. That’s more than 150 new confectionery products to choose from. And there is more to come.

More and more retailers and businesses are choosing to buy their wholesale confectionery online and Hancocks wants to offer you the best possible experience online, having spent the last fifty years developing a chain of 18 specialist confectionery cash and carries across the UK. In fact many of our cash and carry customers enjoy topping up their stock with an online delivery, in between visits to one of our cash and carries. We are glad to be able to offer you that flexibility and will continue to develop the range and the quality of the service.

Back to the new sweets. Online sales of our wholesale American confectionery have already taken off; such is the demand for this type of product in the UK. Wonka, Hershey, Reese’s and Lucky Charms are all brands that are selling like hot cakes in the UK, so make sure that you consider the opportunity for your business.

We’ve listed our most popular children’s sweets online and hope to develop the range further in due course. If children are part of your customer-base then stocking some of these fun and novel sweets should provide some additional sales for your business in addition to plenty of smiley faces.

Please keep telling us how you would like our online wholesale sweets shop to develop. We welcome your thoughts and will consider them carefully. Just send us a quick email at




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