Back to school

Posted on 14th August, 2012

School’s out for summer right now but the time will soon be here when children and students are back into a regular routine of school, college and university. With that comes a sales opportunity to sell more confectionery and wholesale sweets as many of you know. If that rings a bell, Hancocks would advise you to take a bit of time to review and refresh your range during August so it is the best it can be. Time well spent to maximise your profits we think.

The market for children’s sweets in the vicinity of educational establishments can be broken down into a number of segments. Understanding which area is the most important for your business can reap big rewards:

1. Primary school children – often accompanied by their parents, younger children tend to have less to spend on sweets. Mum might influence them to choose a healthier option such as sweets with no added colours and flavours, something with real fruit juice in it or long standing favourites such as Refreshers and Flying Saucers. Alternatively they might be given a set amount of money (50p or £1 for example) and allowed to make the choice themselves.

2. Secondary school children – more likely to make their own way to and from school, these kids are free from parental influence and potentially have a bit more to spend. They might also buy a drink to accompany their sweets.

3. Students – still very close to their childhood memories, students can be big lovers of confectionery, enjoying the fun of it all. Pick and mix sweets can be a great asset to your store if you have a large number of students studying or living in the area.

Top pick and mix choices for retailers close to a school:

ABC Letters

Candy Necklaces

Cola Bottles

Sour Dummies

Fried Eggs

Giant Strawbs

Teddy Bears

Jelly Snakes

Friendship Rings


No confectionery range for school children should be without these essential favourites:

Brain Licker

Flying Saucers

Strawberry Whips

Wonka Nerds

Toxic Waste

Giant Flyers

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