Boost your pick & mix sales with the brand new Kingsway Pick & Mix Stand from Hancocks!

Posted on 15th October, 2015

Pick & mix continues to be one of the most lucrative trends in the confectionery industry and Hancocks can help you make the most of it with their exclusive Kingsway range of delicious confectionery and their brand new, eye-catching pick & mix stand.

Designed specifically for retailers, this new pick & mix stand features vibrant colours and original graphics that make it stand out and attract the attention of your customers instantly. Whether you’re a sweets shop, a cinema or an independent retailer, having a visually appealing pick & mix stand placed strategically in your shop can help you boost your pick & mix sales.


Our brand new Kingsway pick & mix stand can hold 20 bins so you can easily showcase 20 different types of sweets, in order to offer your customers a lot of options to choose from. Make sure to fill it up with tasty treats and if you’re not too sure what works best, we recommend our Kingsway range of pick & mix confectionery to get you started! Some of our best-selling sweet varieties include:

  • Bon Bons
  • Liquorice Allsorts
  • Toffee
  • Fizzy Cola Bottles
  • Jelly Beans
  • Snowies
  • Jazzies


And if you’re a larger retailer you can always achieve a bigger display by lining up more pick & mix stand side by side and increase your selection of confectionery even more. Not to mention that you can effortlessly keep your stock full, as the bins can be easily filled from the back.


Last, but not least, our brand new Kingsway pick & mix stand comes with the added bonus of being fairly portable for any store rearrangements you might want to make in the future, as it is supplied on wheels. Thus, you can place it wherever you want.


If you’re interested in getting one of our new Kingsway pick & mix stands, just visit one of our 20 Cash and Carries or you can find then online from early-October. Meanwhile, why not have a look at our amazing range of fantastic pick & mix sweets?

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