Bumper lolly season

Posted on 26th April, 2012

As the warmer months loom, so does the opportunity for confectionery lollies – whatever the shape or size. Hancocks has unveiled a strong range for 2012, complete with some mighty high margins. The Hancocks online wholesale sweets shop stocks a good selection of these exciting lollies whilst further varieties are available in all 18 UK cash and carries.

Mainly sold in self merchandising cartons, Hancock’s range of fun lollies includes:

Twist Lollies 55g, 80g and 125g (49p, 75p and 89p rrp)

Round “Rainbow” Lollies 50g, 80g and 125g (49p, 75p and 89p rrp)

Dummy on a Stick (49p rrp)

Garden Critter Pops (39p rrp)

Farm Mallow Pops 75g (£1 rrp)

Hard Candy Pirate Pops (79p rrp)

The UK confectionery cash and carry also stocks a comprehensive range of Dobson’s lollies in jars – a very popular range at the moment, offering an interesting mix of retro and modern flavours.

“Lollies continue to be a timeless format in confectionery. Classic flavours can mix with creative designs and novel tastes, providing yet another extremely profitable pocket of confectionery for independent retailers. Sales of lollies always peak over the warmer months, providing a popular treat for children and indeed adults” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

Retail prices can start as low as 15p to 20p, whilst retailer margins can often be in excess of 40%. Lollies have proved themselves to be a strong selling, highly profitable impulse category of confectionery – the ideal combination for many retailers.

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