Celebrate Thanksgiving with Hancocks’ American Sweets!

Posted on 21st September, 2016

American wholesale sweets

A key event in the United States, Thanksgiving will be celebrated this year on the 24th of November. In recent years, Americans who are now living in the UK or local people who are interested in American traditions have also started celebrating Thanksgiving here.


If you’re a savvy retailer looking to make the most of this holiday and attract people who like American sweets, then you’ll find an entire range of wholesale American confectionery at Hancocks!


Featuring popular confectionery lines from world leading brands such as Hershey’s, Reese’s, Twinkies, Nerds, M&Ms and more, there’s plenty of American sweets to choose from. Whilst these lines are great to be displayed around Thanksgiving time, they’ve also proved to be popular options throughout the year and can be used to attract new customers who might be looking for something different.


Discover Hancocks’ full range of American confectionery online or in one of the 20 cash and carries available in the UK. Hurry up as stocks are limited!

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