NEW Chocolate Coins

Posted on 23rd February, 2012

The popularity of chocolate money never seems to fade and children love to receive nets of foil wrapped chocolate coins year after year at Christmas time. But thanks to Hancocks, chocolate coins are no longer constrained to Christmas sales!

Hancocks has launched three varieties of chocolate coins in bulk 1kg bags and you can order these online at as well as pick them up from our 18 specialist confectionery cash and carries across the UK.

Gold Milk Chocolate Coins

Red Milk Chocolate Coins

Blue Milk Chocolate Coins

All of the coins are individually wrapped and embossed with a real coin face! You can sell these coins individually, in a pick and mix display or bagged up in small amounts (perhaps a mixed bag?) to create something more unique for your store.

Chocolate coins are a classic favourite so make sure that your confectionery business takes advantage of this money making opportunity.

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