Choosing the right wholesaler for confectionery

Posted on 24th September, 2012

We are always giving industry comments to trade magazines and we thought that the following piece was a useful summise as to why Hancocks could be so good for your business!

Choosing which wholesalers to work with

“Wholesalers and cash and carries come in all shapes and sizes. Retailers must do their own research to decide which suppliers are the best ones to partner with their business. Whilst understanding the specifics of a wholesaler will help, talking to other retailers, both locally and even within some of the depots if it is a cash and carry, can give first hand experiences and prove very useful.  A good wholesaler will be recommended for good customer service, high availability, strong pricing and offers and a comprehensive range” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

The benefit of specialist suppliers

“Whilst general grocery wholesalers will stock a range of confectionery, it simply cannot match the enormity of the selection available from Hancocks, a specialist confectionery cash and carry wholesaler.

Once an independent retailer comes through our doors for the first time, they truly understand how specialist wholesalers for particular categories can be of huge benefit to their business. Notwithstanding a range in excess of 5,000 branded and own label confectionery products, all of our 18 confectionery cash and carries can offer unrivalled knowledge and advice on the confectionery retailing market, with much specific to the local area too. No general wholesaler can offer that level of service and facility” continues Summerley.

Hancocks Cash and Carry specifically aims to locate each of its depots within reach of a prominent grocery cash and carry. This deliberate act can help smaller retailers to shop more effectively, picking up general groceries from one location before popping round the corner to shop from a specialist confectionery cash and carry, saving much valued time and fuel. Not seen so much as direct competition, grocery cash and carries close to a Hancocks depot tend to be comfortable with this logic as Hancocks draws retailers into the area in their own right too.

Going the extra mile

“At Hancocks we like to help our customers as much as we can. Offering a family feel, many of our depot managers have worked with Hancocks for more than 20 years and know most of their customers on first name terms. We have endless examples of our cash and carries going “above and beyond” to ensure our customers have the confectionery stock that they need to run their business effectively. The best way that we can demonstrate this to a retailer is for them to pay us a visit!” he concludes.

  • Steve Darling  

    Owner of Courtyard Candy in Drumnadrochit .I am very pleased to see that your company has a positive outlook and expansion plans, May I suggest that Inverness would be an excellent venue for a new cash and carry in Scotland. Keep up the excellent work.

    Posted on January 12th, 2013 at 9:58 am

  • Anna  

    Thanks for the support Steve. We hope to have some new depot news very soon and rest assured, we are looking to reach more of the UK in every way that we can.

    Posted on February 15th, 2013 at 11:05 am