Christmas Stocking Fillers and Treats

Posted on 22nd October, 2014

There are many organised shoppers out there who will begin to buy bits and pieces of Christmas confectionery early, even now in October, ensuring that they are well prepared for the festive season. Having the right stock displayed in your store can enable you to cash in on this early opportunity.

Stocking fillers and Christmas treats are confectionery products that are commonly picked up early on. Usually retailing for under £1, Christmas treats tend to be purchased impulsively as they are first seen, so it is important that they are displayed near the counter or prominently in your shop so that your customers can pick them up in the spur-of-the-moment as treats for themselves or their children.

Similar to Christmas treats, stocking fillers tend to be low value purchases that shoppers like to pick up earlier on, allowing them to focus on larger gifts in the weeks closer to Christmas, so visibility is important to their success, as is creativity in your display. You can never underestimate the importance of presentation, so attract your customers with interesting and well-presented Christmas themed displays.

Here at Hancocks, we have a wide variety of stocking fillers and treats, with our own-brand selection growing every year along with our selection of branded products. Christmas pops in particular are very successful every year. Our range includes Christmas Chocolate Pops and Christmas Jelly Pops, retailing at 79p and 49p respectively. This year we have released an intricately decorated range of Christmas Mallow Pops that retail at £1 each; varieties including Tree, Santa, Snowman and Reindeer.

Branded confectionery options have also grown to meet the market demand. Popular branded stocking fillers or treats include Lindt Gold Bears (50p RRP), Reeses Christmas Tree (59p), Lindor My Melting Moment (69p RRP) and Freddo Popping Candy (25p RRP), while the likes of chocolate gold coins and Christmas selection boxes remain popular choices.

Hancocks stocks a massive range of Christmas confectionery, available to buy both in the cash and carries and online at For any questions or queries, feel free to email, call on 01509 230 796. You can even find us on Facebook at

Selection of Christmas Pops and Hancocks Confectionery

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