Confectionery Specialist Hancocks is Now Supplying Halal Approved Sweets

Posted on 19th October, 2015

Recently, Halal approved sweets have become increasingly important in the UK confectionery industry and Hancocks, the confectionery specialist, is at the forefront of this trend, offering an extensive range of delicious treats that are Halal approved.


Halal approved confectionery represents an excellent selling point, which can help retailers expand their target audience and increase customer loyalty. However, when selling this type of confectionery, it is good practice to signal to your customers that these particular sweets are Halal approved by using the Halal logo or some other relevant signal.


At Hancocks you will find an extensive range of excellent Halal approved confectionery including, but not limited to:


The Halal approved range includes both traditional, as well as more novelty sweets with great play value, making it perfect for a wide range of audience groups, from children of all ages to adults with a sweeth tooth.


Start stocking up on Halal approved confectionery today by visiting one of our 20 Cash and Carries or by purchasing them online from our website. Buying online also means that we will deliver your sweets within 48 hours if your business is located in the UK.

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