Discover our Christmas infographic introducing the Let it Snow confectionery range!

Posted on 12th November, 2015

christmas infographic

With Christmas approaching fast, savvy retailers are stocking up on Christmas confectionery and getting ready for one of the most lucrative periods of the year. This year, we are launching a brand new Christmas confectionery line called Let it Snow filled with 28 fantastic products that will help retailers achieve higher margins during the winter holidays.


Besides offering you great margins of 47%, our Let it Snow range, which is part of the Kingsway brand, includes a wide variety of Christmas themed treats that will keep adults and children alike coming back for more.


A great value alternative to other Christmas lines, our Let it Snow range combines a divine taste with eye-catching packaging that will make it stand out on the shelves. To see our full Let it Snow range and learn more about its amazing benefits, read the infographic below!


And that’s not all! In addition to our excellent Let it Snow range, our Christmas selection of exquisite confectionery includes over 140 festive lines from branded to own-label and Pick & Mix, allowing you to stock up on a wide variety of sweets that will appeal to a large customer audience.


If you want to make your shop stand out, then don’t forget to include some of our best-selling Christmas themed American treats that have proved to be incredibly popular and can earn you margins of up to 46%! To see what we have on offer this Christmas, have a look at our infographic here.


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