Discover our Top 10 Back-to-School Treats

Posted on 19th August, 2015

With the new school term starting in a few weeks-time, it’s a good idea to stock up soon on fun confectionery for children, as parents and kids alike will be looking to purchase some delicious treats during this time. Here, at Hancocks we have an astonishing array of Children’s Sweets that includes everything from the classic retro treats to modern and great value play options such as our very own Crazy Candy Factory Sour Shockers, Twist ‘N’ Lick Candy Ice Cream and the UFO Spinner, to name a few.

Our excellent line-up of children’s treats are sourced from top the named brands including Millions, Haribo, Swizzles and Slush Puppie and we offer almost 500 products under our Children’s Sweets category.

However, we have decided to showcase our top 10 choices that are beloved by children everywhere in the UK.

10. Crazy Candy Factory Mini Gumball Machine

9. Swizzles Squashies

8. Swizzles Drumsticks

7. Swizzles Refresher Bars

6. Slush Puppie Popping Candy

5. Haribo Starmix

4. Kingsway White Mice

3. Zed Jawbreaker

2. Toxic Waste

1. Brain Licker

Don’t forget, no matter what sweet treats you choose, always keep in mind your target audience. You can attract the children’s attention with fun and novelty confectionery, whilst appealing to the parents with some Sugar Free Sweets.

You can explore our entire range of great-value confectionery by clicking here, or you can drop by one of our 20 Cash and Carry depots where our friendly staff are on hand to help you choose the type of sweets that will best suit your store.

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