Discover the Main Benefits of Hancocks’ £1 Zone

Posted on 5th October, 2015

One pound sweets have not only become increasingly popular lately, but they’re also a great addition to any smart retailer’s confectionery stock. This is why Hancocks have created an entire £1 zone where business owners can discover an astonishing array of great value £1 lines that offer some excellent benefits:


Increase the number of impulse purchases, by placing your £1 confectionery close to the counter. This way it’s easier to attract the attention of your customers who will be more tempted to buy them, given the low price.


Also, make sure to provide a wide variety of sweets they can choose from. Some good starting £1 lines include our Kingsway Share Bags, Mars M&M’s, Skittles and Haribo Bubblegum Bottles. If you need more advice regarding the type of confectionery that will best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to talk to our helpful staff in one of our 20 Cash and Carries.


Expand your target audience. Whether you want to target children looking for a tasty treat they can buy with their pocket money or adults on the lookout for deals, one pound products can help you reach these audience groups interested in achieving great value for money.


Last, but not least £1 lines are also a fantastic way to achieve higher margins and drive sales. Browse our website to discover the full range included in our £1 zone or visit one of our 20 Cash and Carries to see the high quality and impressive diversity of our products first hand.

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