Exclusive One-Week Online Discount on Bon Bons

Posted on 23rd May, 2014

For one week only, we have an online only promotion: allowing you to enjoy 21% off our range of bon bon sweets.

Running from the 24th May until the 30th, the price of a bon bon bag is now reduced down to £7.29 instead of £9.34 (excluding VAT).

Sold in 3kg bulk bags, our selection of bon bons can be a fine addition to any pick and mix or traditional sweet display.

Among the eight varied flavours included in the deal are familiar classics such as strawberry cherry and lemon bon bons, contemporary toffee and chocolate variations, alongside other fruity tastes (blackcurrant, apple, as well as the more unusual watermelon flavour). Please note that this promotion excludes the Sour Blue Raspberry flavour bon bon.

Already a top selling range, sweet retailers will want to make the most of this promotion while it lasts. To take a look at the full range, visit our special offer category now.

Bon Bons

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