Fantastic Kit Kat opportunity

Posted on 2nd March, 2015

We’ve launched a special case of 4 finger Kit Kats that can earn you a very decent 30% margin. What a great deal!

Price marked at 2 for £1, the packs are designed to increase the cash spend of your customers, encouraging them to buy two Kit Kats instead of one. Not only does this put more cash in your till, the retailer margin is also very strong.

Available to buy from Hancocks online in addition to all of our cash and carries, the case price (48 packs) is £16.59 plus VAT. Each Kit Kat costs you just 35p, hence the ability to sell at 2 for £1.

These special 4 finger Kit Kats are flying off the shelves at Hancocks so make sure you get your fair share of this tremendous price on a key branded confectionery product.

You can view our special 4 finger Kit Kat online here or pop into your local Hancocks cash and carry.


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