Get Ready for Sourest Day (25th October 2016) with Hancocks Sours Challenge Infographic!

Posted on 12th October, 2016

sour sweets wholesale

In anticipation for Sourest Day which takes place on Tuesday, 25th October, we’ve created a brand new infographic with the Hancocks Sours Challenge that rates our 10 most sour sweets, from mild to super intense sourness.

Sour sweets continue to remain a very popular confectionery trend with a wide range of consumers enjoying this novelty type of sweets. And that’s not all! Recently, sours challenges seem to become all the rage on the internet, so why not engage your clients in a more creative manner, by creating your very own sours challenge for your confectionery shop? You can get all the sours sweets you need from Hancocks.

To get a better idea of what a sours challenge entails and discover which are the 10 most sour sweets available at Hancocks, read our infographic available below. You’ll never guess which confectionery line made it to number 1! Let us know which sweets you think are the sourest on Facebook and Twitter.

Hancocks Sours Challenge Infographic

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