Get ready for Thanksgiving with Hancocks’ range of American Sweets!

Posted on 13th November, 2015

thanksgiving image

One of the most important annual holidays across the pond, Thanksgiving is starting to become increasingly popular in the UK as well, as many Americans living here will also celebrate it together with their friends. Whilst Thanksgiving is a historical holiday that represented an occasion for people to celebrate the harvest of the year, now it’s become a symbol of gratitude and an opportunity for everyone to express their appreciation for the preceding year.


In the confectionery industry, Thanksgiving can also be seen as an excellent opportunity for smart retailers to take advantage of the American sweets trend that allows them to attract more customers with well-known, international brands. At Hancocks, we can help you make the most of this time of the year with our fantastic range of American sweets.


This year, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 26th of November in the USA, so make sure to replenish your stock in time and add something different that will definitely stand out on the shelves. From Reese’s delicious line of peanut butter goodies to Hershey’s, Wonka Nerds, M&Ms, Hubba Bubba and so on, we have to offer all sorts of trusted American brands of confectionery that people all over the world have been enjoying for years!


Choose your favourite products and then create a special display to better showcase your American sweets. With their eye-catching packaging, they’ll certainly stand out and you can use American confectionery as a key selling point for your business that will differentiate you from other competitors.


With less than two weeks left until Thanksgiving, hurry up and browse our full range of American sweets online or in one of our 20 cash and carries!

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