Giant KitKat

Posted on 29th June, 2015

The Hancocks giant KitKat has arrived from Nestle – thanks guys!

Weighing in at a whopping 2.77kg and 33cm long this beast of a chocolate bar was a great surprise gift from Nestle.

It was handmade especially for Hancocks and is approximately 67 times the size of a standard KitKat 4 finger. It has been produced in the same way Nestle make their regular bars, just obviously using a much bigger mould and larger wafer fingers. The process goes something like this… the chocolate is layered into a huge mould then the fingers are placed into the chocolate and pushed down slightly. The extra chocolate is scraped off (we wonder who gets treated to this excess!) to create a nice smooth base and the following day, once set, it was wrapped and presented to us!

Nestles full range of KitKat products are available in your local Hancocks cash & carry and online at, everything from the original 2 finger and 4 finger through to the delicious KitKat Chunky, but unfortunately for now we only have 1 giant KitKat!

The huge bespoke wafer and chocolate treat really got us talking here at Hancocks HQ and ideas of how to use the giant KitKat started to come in… but we need your help!

Post your thoughts on what to do with the giant KitKat below or on our Facebook page!


Nestle Giant KitKat

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