Grow Your Confectionery Sales by Celebrating Jelly Bean Day 22nd April

Posted on 22nd April, 2014

Follow the Easter high with some further feel good factor fun by promoting everyone’s favourite: the Jelly Bean!

If any sweet is worthy of a national day, surely it’s the Jelly Bean! The Americans were responsible for creating National Jelly Bean day and love to celebrate it by eating mountains of jelly beans and well why shouldn’t us Brits do the same!

To help you get into the spirit, Hancocks are offering a beantastic 10% off their entire wholesale Jelly Bean range.  Yes, that’s 10% off their wholesale prices folks.  Mark it in your diaries, because its valid online for one day only, Tuesday 22nd April 2014. The offer also includes the exclusive Jelly Bean Dreams stand which enables retailers to dispense a selection of Mini Jelly Beans into a clear tube.

Back at Hancocks HQ, the creative team have dreamed up some nifty ideas to help retailers create a buzz in store and indulge in a little bit of jelly bean fun for National Jelly Bean day.

In no particular order, here’s some ideas to unleash the Jelly Bean in store….

1.  Create your own sweets jars for sale and promote with ‘Guess the Number of Jelly Beans’, so people can buy a ready made version of the fun game we all know and love – great for offices and school fetes.

(Pro’s you can charge a little extra for the added value game angle.  Cons, you have to count every damn Jelly Bean in each jar yourself!)

2.  Create some vibrantly coloured Jelly Bean jewellery and hang around the store for decoration and inspiration.  Heck, you could even sell Bean Bracelets and Necklaces and possibly earrings too!

3. Create a Jelly Bean menu and hand out in store to inspire your customers…

·      Jelly Bean cupcakes anyone?  Simply decorate on top of your favourite frosting.

·      How about Jelly Bean drinks!  Ever tried a couple of your favourite jelly beans in an iced-chocolate or milkshake?  Deeelicious.

·      Jelly bean fruit salad

·      Jelly Bean Biscotti – yes a recipe actually exists for this odd combination!

4. Here at Hancocks we like to play Guess the Jelly Bean Flavour. Simply blindfold your colleague and present him with an array of jelly beans to guess the flavour.  There is a dizzying array of flavours; sour apple, passion fruit, cola, bubblegum, blackberry and banana. Get imaginative when thinking up ways to reward or sanction for guessing right or wrong!

If you have any other ideas to share to big-up National Jelly Bean day in store, please email us at and we’ll spread the word….

Don’t forget to take advantage of Hancocks special promotional offer to save 10% on our entire Jelly Bean range online. Visit the jelly bean category to find out more. Available for one day only, the 22nd April 2014.

Happy Jelly Bean Day!

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