Hancocks Introduce Crazy Cables Display Stand

Posted on 12th May, 2014

Following much success with our many confectionery display stands, we are now introducing the Crazy Cables sweet stand. Capable of storing eight different Giant Cables in clear ‘dome’ compartments, Hancocks’ new Crazy Cables display stand provides retailers with a professional display method for retailing Crazy Cables, designed to maximise sales by enabling greater visibility and accessibility.

Standing at 1700mm high, 620mm wide and 500mm deep, the stand allows the Giant Cables to have a much more prominent presence in your sweet shop or retail business.

Hancocks sell Giant Cables in 14 different flavours, all of which are available in our 20 cash and carry depots and on our online store; amongst the fantastic and varied flavours are Apple, Fizzy Blue, Melon, Rhubarb & Custard Sour Cola, Bubblegum, and Fizzy Strawberry.

These are superb pocket money sweets which stretch on and on, lasting much longer than your average sweet.

Available for purchase at £399.99 (plus VAT), as is customary with a Hancocks display stand, we are offering the stand alongside eight cases of Giant Cables absolutely free!

With approximately eighty cables per case, these eight free cases are ordinarily worth £129.52 at wholesale price and £640.00 at £1 RRP, so the sale of free stock can comfortably cover back the cost of your initial investment, offering significant margins in the long-run too.

If you would like further information or any advice on how to make best use out of our new Crazy Cables display stand, please call 01509 216 644 or contact your local Hancocks depot.

Hancocks Crazy Cables display stand

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