Hancocks supports Action for Alfie fundraiser in Shepshed!

Posted on 17th December, 2015

On Sunday, 6th December, Hancocks supported the Action for Alfie fundraiser organised by ShearDesire at the Dynamo Football Club in Shepshed, a town which holds a special significance for us, as that is the place where Hancocks was originally established back in 1962.


The Action for Alfie charity initiative was created to help Alfie, a three year old boy from Shepshed who suffers from several serious conditions, including a congenital heart defect, cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. As part of the Action for Alfie day, there was a raffle organised to raise money for this charity and Hancocks donated a couple of raffle prizes including a pasta maker and two boxes of chocolate.


You can find out more about the Action for Alfie initiative and how you can support them and help Alfie lead a better life here.

Action for Alfie

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