Hancocks’ Survey Shows The Strong State of The Confectionery Market

Posted on 20th May, 2014

Earlier this year, Hancocks Cash and Carry carried out a survey with a sample of its regular customers (including specialist sweet shops, convenience stores, general stores and event companies). The questionnaire asked the participants about the performance of their own confectionery businesses in 2013 in addition to gauging opinions about and attitudes towards key trends and predictions for 2014.

Some key findings uncovered by the Hancocks survey included:

> 55% feel that their confectionery sales will grow in 2014

> 75% of confectionery retailers agree that the retro sweets trend will be as strong as ever in 2014

> 48.9% felt that own label confectionery was now very important to their business.

> 70% agree that they will sell more confectionery as the economy recovers

Overall, the results indicated a very positive trading picture for 2014.

You can view the full findings in a rather fun infographic that we have developed specifically to summarise the results in an easy to digest manner. You can view the infographic here, or you can download it in in pdf format.

Hancocks survey infographic

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