Hancocks’ Sweets For The Wedding Trade

Posted on 10th April, 2014

Having specialised in wholesaling sweets and chocolates throughout the UK, Hancocks Cash and Carry is committed to expanding its extensive product range in order to provide sweets for a number of different market sectors.

As a case in point, with confectionery becoming popular in the wedding market, Hancocks has a number of sweets intended for the wedding trade.

Certainly, more and more wedding and event planners have begun to stock up on wedding sweets to add to a confectionery buffet at the reception. Alternatively, planners make use of our bespoke confectionery packing service to provide favours to wedding guests; offering foil-wrapped chocolates placed into tailor-made gift bags is just one example of Hancocks’ bespoke packed wedding products. We can personalise and present the packaging very effectively, so don’t hesitate to ask about our packing service if you’re interested in our bespoke wedding sweets.

We have plenty of romantically themed sweets listed on our website to help your wedding guests feel the love. Among just some of the great wedding sweets Hancocks offers are:

·      Heart shaped sweets – ranging from pick and mix favourites such as Haribo Heart Throbs to lavish heart shaped chocolate lollies.

·      Sugared Almonds – these are especially popular for the creation of traditional wedding favours.

·      Foil wrapped heart shaped chocolates – such as rose chocolate hearts and milk chocolate hearts.

·      Retro and traditional sweets –for example Swizzels’ Love Heart Mini Rolls.

These particular sweets work well in combination with fun, nostalgic and romantic wedding themes. However, with countless sweets in all shapes and sizes available, wedding organisers need only browse the vast selection available on the Hancocks website to select the sweets most appropriate for your wedding theme and colour scheme.

We can swiftly deliver your wedding sweets direct to your door, leaving you plenty of time to focus on planning the rest of the event.

If you are in the wedding trade and interested in our wedding sweets, either give us a call on 01509 230796 to discuss your general requirements, or email if you are interested in our bespoke packing service. If you are ready to purchase our sweets for your wedding event, just register now and start shopping


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